•  Hello Advanced Math Students and Families,

    Congratulations on being part of our Advanced Math Class!  Your hard work in math has earned you a place in this challenging class!  This year will be unlike any other in so many ways!

    Please check your school email on the first day of school for an invitation to our Advanced Math class page.  All announcements and assignments will come through the class page.

    If you are shopping for school supplies, and wondering about what you'll need for Advanced Math, a suggested list is here for you and your parents to review.  Do not insist that your parents take you shopping now!  If you don't have these things on the first day, I will supply them for you.  .


    I am looking forward to meeting all of you!  For now, enjoy your final days of summer vacation and rest up for our new school year!

    Math is fun!


    Suggested Math Materials

    3 ring binder (1 inch is a good size)

    3 sharpened pencils and a sharpener

    blue pen

    yellow highlighter