•  Hello Advanced Math Students and Families,

    If you are checking this page for directions about Remote Learning during the school closures, please go to my Google classroom.  (I know that all of your children are currently able to access that  site)  Here is a direct link to the Advanced Math page:


    Please understand that I try my best to return emails promptly.  However, I have intervention students that also need my help, and I communicate frequently with other teachers about how to best help all our students.  As you know, I answer parent emails whenever I can, regardless of the hour.  I will still make every attempt to do that.

    Because my daily job has changed significantly,  I have dedicated 8:30 - 10:00 AM and 2:00- 2:30 PM as Advanced Math time.  I will check their assignments, answer questions, and if needed ~ call students for help with their assignments.  If it is possible, they should complete their math work in the morning and then check for my remarks, and if changes are needed complete those changes prior to 2:45.  That way, I can close out the day's lesson with a grade sent to your child. However, I understand that those times may not work for your household~ and that is OK!  Do it when you can, and I will gladly make accomodations during this remote learning time.


     If your child is ill, please message me at any time!  I do not expect (and never have) a child that does not feel well to complete math work.  


    I understand that everyone has many questions about the rest of the school year.  Any information will come directly from the District, I cannot answer your questions.


    I sincerely hope that everyone is well and making the best of these unusual circumstances.  Take care of each other!