Welcome to the STEM Lab!



    Club Info:

    Club meetings are NOT held on

    Delayed Openings  

    -if a make up date is possible, we will make it up.


    WED., 1/17/24

    Due to Delayed Opening


    District Chromebooks:

    Classrooms do not have the capacity to have your students charge their chromebooks. They must be charged at home.

    It is IMPERATIVE that ALL students bring their fully charged District Chromebook to school each day!

    - Kindergarten students need to bring their FULLY Charged District Chromebook to Elms on Computer/Tech/STEM class days.

    WHEN Students need to Log into their Google accounts, Press on the 9 boxes (waffle) Google Apps Launcher,
    Press Google Classroom, and find the Classroom with the Grade and HR Teacher name for Comp/STEM.



    Google Classrooms: I teach 30 classes; please email me with any concerns at all!  drsendecki@jacksonsd.org Email is the easiest way to reach me  


    Kindergarten students ONLY will be invited to their Google Classroom - Parents please Join the Computer/STEM classroom once you see the blue Join button in the Classroom Home page - it will take the K students weeks to learn how to log in.

    All assignments will be completed in our Google Classrooms:

    When your student has computers: On the 1st day, they will Join a Google Classroom if not already joined.

    New students will join once they have our Computer Class.



    Grades K-1: Practice logging into and logging out of your Chromebook successfully.

    Grades 2-5: Typing Speed Test Homework once per week (see your assignment). Practice keyboarding skills as needed.


    All Kindergarten students: You must bring your charged district Chromebook on Computer Day.

    All K students will be given a Google Account Login Letter with a school created strong password on their first day.


    All K - 5 Students: Practicing how to log in to the district Chromebook is imperative for all students to

    understand how to log in on their own with only their Google Account Login Letter.


    GET the free Google Classroom App on your smartphone:

    All Students: Please check your Comp/STEM Google Classrooms for assignments each week a few days before we have class to make sure you have completed your assignment or homework.
    If you have the Google Classroom App on smartphones or other devices, set up reminders - it will show that work is Due.
    Please Mark as Done/Turn In your Assignments on time.
    Assignments will almost always take place in school. Very little of our classroom work goes home. 
    Sometimes, I will assign video(s) in advance of students coming to class to get them ready for that lesson.


    If you are home sick or on quarantine, here are some activities you can do at home for Computers/Tech:

    Please send me an email to let me know you will be missing classes. 

    Practicing typing will help you. If you can.

    No special area classes are held remotely.

    Computers/Tech Activities for students on Quarantine ONLY!


    📢 How to be prepared for class:
    📢 Information to know for class: 
       It is important for the students to be mentally present while in our STEM lab learning about computer literacy and engaging in STEM Challenges.  I recommend that the students should go home and duplicate what they learned in class and teach it to a family member.  This will make the learning of new skills more important.  In computer literacy tech/STEM, students will be challenged on a daily basis with real-world situations and life skills that prepare them for our constantly changing technological world.
       All of the students participate in STEM or Coding Challenges throughout the year. They are learning how to work collaboratively with LEGO's to engineer, design, report, discuss, and reflect; with the Dash and Dot Robots to engineer, program, design, report, discuss and reflect, and with KEVA planks to engineer, design, create artistically, report, discuss and reflect.  Please remember to ask your child about their STEM Challenges.     
       All Announcements📢 will take place in the Google Classroom Stream Tab. All Assignments📋 will be Completed and Turned In through the Classwork Tab. I will communicate personally with each student and/or grown up, through Private Comments✍️, if any changes need to be made, once an assignment📋 has been handed in. This is how your child can communicate directly with me as well.
       The first assignment 📋 for all students will cover how to do all of the above. Assignments will all have Due Dates. We will work on Google Classroom👩‍🏫, Drive, Docs, Slides, and Sheets, depending on what grade your child is in. We will also cover Internet (Online) Safety, Digital Citizenship, and Digital Footprints, especially since our students are online all the time for home, school and fun. In addition, we will still do STEM Challenges as often as each class can; student assignments/projects must be completed to move forward. 
       Teaching children is my greatest passion in life, and I am eager to help your child grow and become a life-long learner and lover of Computers/Robotics/Technology/STEM🤖.  I am looking forward to working with all of you and making memories together. If you have any questions or encounter any issues, please do not hesitate to reach out to me. Email is the easiest way to reach me drsendecki@jacksonsd.org. Here's to a wonderful 2023-2024 school year! 😀 
    If you need to contact me, please email me - drsendecki@jacksonsd.org
     If you have a problem with a district Chromebook, please contact your HR teacher and CC Ms. Konopack (Media teacher) when it happens. Ms. Konopack has a small window of time (9:00am-9:20am) in the mornings to tend to these matters and get a loaner chromebook to students who need it.
    flyer for the chromebook case that is for purchase
    If you are interested in purchasing a Chromebook Case through the school district, please read the information above.
    PLEASE: Be healthy and be well!
    Remember, my Tiger friends,
    I am committed to supporting and connecting with you and your families.  
    Communication is the key to success!
    I love you all! 
    Click here for a video from Mr. Burgos
    Welcome To Computer Literacy Tech/STEM 2023-2024!

     Computer literacy/tech/STEM is located in Room 226 STEM Lab. All students will be using Chromebooks in school to work. Therefore, all work will be Internet-based and easy to access. All students will become fluent in logging into the Google Classroom, and learn how to Turn In Assignments.  Students in grade K will spend time becoming familiar with the keyboard by using a variety of applications on the Internet, as well as working on cross-curricular assignments. Students in grade 1 will spend their time learning and reviewing letter recognition on the Chromebook keyboard and learning Google Docs. Students in Grades 2 through 5 will spend their time learning and reviewing word-processing, spreadsheets, and presentations, as well as become proficient in Turning Assignments into the Google Classroom. Students in grades 3 through 12 usually take standardized assessments online.  This requires knowledge of keyboarding and word-processing skills, as well as practice in taking the assessment. Students will have the opportunity to incorporate real-world situations into the lessons, as well as focus on Internet (Online) Safety, Digital Citizenship and Digital Footprints in Computer Literacy Tech/STEM.  
    Throughout the school year, students in grades K-5 will be learning in Google Workspace on Chromebooks and use Google Classroom to find all assignments, add assignments and turn in assignments during their Computer Literacy Tech/STEM period. The students in grades 2-5 will also learn and understand how to manipulate, communicate and create e-mail. The Jackson School district Google accounts for students are for use within the school district; students may only communicate with other individuals who are in the school district and have a district Google account. The students in grades 1-5 will be learning and reviewing Google for Education Sheets, Slides, Forms and Drive as well.  
    I would also like to see the students incorporate photos into their classwork from their chromebooks if possible. Throughout their time in Computer Literacy Tech/STEM at Elms, the students will continually add upon what was previously learned until the students are fully prepared for middle school when they are promoted.   
     Feel free to contact me with any concerns or problemsdrsendecki@jacksonsd.org
  • Schedule of Classes for Computers/Tech/STEM:

     All Students must Join my Google Classrooms. 

    Parents please help any student after their first day of computers.

     Computer Classes:

    Grade 4: M-TH: 9:25-10:05  

    Grade K: M-TH: 10:06-10:46

    Grade 5: M-TH: 11:10-11:50  

    Grade 2: M-TH: 1:05-1:45

    Grade 3: M-F: 1:55-2:35

    Grade 1: M-TH: 2:35-3:15


    Sernotti: : F - 9:25-10:05  

    Murray: F 10:06-10:46

    West: F - 11:10-11:50  

    Houman F - 1:05-1:45  

    Fisher: F - 1:35-3:15

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