Welcome to the Crawford-Rodriguez Elementary School

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    Dear Parents, Guardians and Community Members:

    On behalf of the Crawford-Rodriguez Elementary School and the Jackson School District, I am happy to welcome you to our website.  

    In Jackson, high academic, social and character education standards serve as the framework for board, district, and building objectives. Overall achievement test scores and report card grades reflect a high level of academic excellence and success. In addition to the important "basics," we place an emphasis on developing written expression skills and offering our students learning opportunities based on their individual needs.

    We continue to improve student achievement at all grade levels and to close achievement gaps where they exist. We continually review our special education programs to ensure that every child's needs are met in accordance with their Individual Educational Program (IEP) in the most cost-effective manner. The Common Core Curriculum Content Standards and New Jersey Content Standards are actively addressed within the district through grade-level meetings, department meetings, and K-12 articulation within the district curriculum meetings. High district standards are continually reinforced through a wide variety of instructional methods and materials. Our school district provides our staff with numerous in-service programs and exceptional instructional and curricular resources.

    At Crawford-Rodriguez School, character education is an integral part of the school day. Students in each class are recognized on a regular basis for showing positive character. Children learn in an atmosphere that fosters respect and good citizenship. Throughout the school year, students participate in service learning projects working closely with local food banks and charitable organizations. Students are encouraged to go beyond the regular school curriculum, to broaden their educational experiences, by participating in many extra-curricular activities. Our students have been recognized for their achievements in the following areas: National Spelling Bee, American Legion Essay contests and various community and state poster contests.

    The administration and staff of Crawford-Rodriguez Elementary School are committed to the continued growth and development of our students. Please feel free to peruse our website to learn about Crawford-Rodriguez Elementary School.

    Mr. Ronald Polakowski
    Principal, Crawford-Rodriguez Elementary School