•  An Adventure Awaits...                                                                                                     Grab your passport  

    Now Boarding Flight A103

    Bound for 5th grade SUCCESS!

     Flight A103 is ready for take off. Join                                                                     your pilot Mrs. Avila for a fantastic                                                                         journey through 5th grade.  Be sure to                                                                   have your luggage filled with the                                                                             necessary items for your trip:

     *(2) one-subject spiral notebooks

      *(1) composition book

      *(1) soft-pencil case

      *supply of pencils and erasers

      *(1 each) blue, green, and black folders

      *(1) seat cushion which will fit on student's chair

      You may also want to include:

       *colored pencils


       *hand sharpener



















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