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Health/PE Rules and Regulations


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The mission of Jackson Physical Education is to provide a successful physical experience for all students.   Activities in the program are selected from a wide variety of offerings for students in grades nine through twelve. Through participation in the physical education curriculum, students should have the opportunity to develop knowledge and practices necessary in obtaining personal physical fitness and lifetime wellness. They should also acquire appropriate physical skills to participate in a wide range of physical activities and specialized sports skills.  


Student’s grades are derived from their daily active participation, preparation and written assessments.  For this reason, students need to actively participate in all class activities to earn credit towards the performance portion of their grade.  In order to participate, students need to be dressed appropriately, in squads on time, demonstrate appropriate social behaviors (respect, sportsmanship, etc.), and have a positive attitude to maximize their daily grade. Students not appropriately dressed for gym may still participate provided they meet certain clothing safety requirements as deemed appropriate by the teacher. Sneakers must be worn at all times. In the event they meet that requirement they may earn a maximum grade of 70% for that day. That maximum grade requires a maximum effort as outlined in our department scoring rubric.


Physical education students are required to dress appropriately for all activities.If they are not appropriately dressed they can only receive a participation grade as noted above.  Proper footwear (sneakers) is required at all times.  For safety reasons no jewelry may be worn during physical education.  No exceptions will be made.  The nurse is able to assist and help students with their piercings that will need to be removed and not cover.

Since physical education is a participation class, absences from any class activity will affect a student’s grade.  Therefore, it is important that students stay after school for make ups for each missed class or activity. Students who are unprepared for class and cannot participate because of being unprepared will only be allowed one makeup, per unprepared, for each marking period. That makeup must be scheduled with the teacher at the time of unpreparedness.Students who acquire ten or more unexcused absences will receive a withdrawal of credit as outlined in the school attendance policy.

1-3 Days – Medical Note/Excused Medical Absence: Stay for each day missed to obtain full credit.


4 Days and over – Medical Note/Excused Medical Absence: Student will be required to complete a research paper, report and/or keep a portfolio containing related daily assignments.  The assignments will include, but not be limited to summaries of articles, class activities and various related athletic and health events.  The student will be required to update the portfolio daily.


All missed tests and quizzes must be made up.


School Trips:  First trip is excused.  When a student attends more than one trip they must make- up the day to gain back credit for work missed.


Parents are encouraged to review their child’s grades through the parent portal at  Through the website, a parent can email your child’s teacher directly with any questions or concerns, to ensure your child’s success in physical education.

Students are responsible for their personal belongings.  It is recommended that expensive items such as jewelry and large amounts of money not be brought to school.  In order to maintain the safety of personal belongings, students must utilize the assigned locker.  Allowing other students, who are not assigned to utilize your locker, and sharing the combination, will reduce the security of personal items.  The school is not responsible for lost or stolen property.


Students who are properly prepared to participate in physical education class will be graded based upon a daily point scale daily.


The following is a breakdown and criteria on how the points are distributed and earned by the students.


Physical Education Rules for Safe Dress:

Change of clothing from school clothes to sneakers, t-shirts, shorts or sweat clothes.

No hats and no jewelry.

Preparation Points = 3 Points

Students who are properly equipped to participate in physical education class can earn three (3) points.  Proper equipment and dress is outlined below.  These points are only given when the student is properly equipped.  Please note that if a student is not properly equipped and dressed for physical education class they will earn a zero (0) for the day and will not be able to earn Performance Points.


Performance Points = 7 Points

Students can earn seven (7) points for their performance in the given activity based upon the following criteria.

  • Proper utilization of specific technique
  • Demonstration of knowledge of terminology and strategy
  • Following rules and safety procedures
  • Demonstration of sportsmanship and teamwork
  • Perseverance, determination, effort, and growth


Performance Points Descriptors:

  • 7 = Demonstrates outstanding performance on a consistent basis
  • 6 = Demonstrates very good performance on a consistent basis
  • 5 = Demonstrates satisfactory performance on a consistent basis
  • 4 = Demonstrates unsatisfactory performance in need of improvement
  • 2-3 = Demonstrates continual unsatisfactory performance
  • 0-1 = Consistently does not participate at all


The following is a guideline for Physical Education assessment for a semester course:??








Health Grading

40%-Participation Class work




40%-Problem Based Learning Project