• Welcome Back to School!!bus

    During this school year my Resource class will be working with SRA Reading Masteries, SRA Language for Writing, Reading A-Z, and RAZ kids to practice writing, and comprehending fiction and non-fiction text. We will be exploring various hands-on resources, including iPads, Chrome books, white boards, communicators, and graphic organizers. We will also be using software such as Activ Inspire to practice weekly skills, vocabulary, and grammar. The students will be working in small groups to carry out activities which reinforce the skills taught in class. The students will be working to improve their level of reading comprehension. Throughout the school year we will be making connections in our writing and improving our ideas, sentences, and paragraphs.


    In math class, we will utilize the SRA Connecting Math Concepts series to introduce and master skills. The students will learn from a hands-on, multi sensory approach. The math skills will be practiced using manipulatives and real life application to reach mastery.