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Principal's Message 3/20/2020

March 20, 2020


Hello Crawford-Rodriguez Families,


I hope this email finds you all well!  As a school community we are completing our first week of remote learning.  As I reflected on this week, I have been thoroughly impressed with the support and resiliency of our learning community.  While this has been an impressive learning curve for all of us, each family has risen to the occasion. Teachers have provided me with feedback on how the week has gone.  While there have been challenges from time to time, especially on day one, it is wonderful to see how you have worked collaboratively with your child’s teacher to problem solve.  I am truly proud of the commitment that you have demonstrated by ensuring that your child is continuing their learning by engaging each and every day this week in the lessons that have been planned.  Thank you for your support and I look forward to your continued support.  


Continue to contact your child’s teacher and any other support staff members as well as myself and Dr. Harrison with any questions and/or concerns.  Please don’t hesitate with presenting any question(s) as we want a school community that is well informed and confident in how you are approaching daily assignments.  As remote learning continues, you may see that your child’s teacher may provide you with additional resources to further enhance your child’s learning. From time to time, for a multitude of reasons, some resource links may not work as efficiently as your child’s teacher may have planned; it happens with technology.  What is of most importance is that your child completes the lessons provided for each day in the grade level lesson plans provided.  


My deepest gratitude and appreciation to you all as we navigate these unique circumstances.  I continue to look forward to your child’s teacher sharing the inspiring stories of how the Crawford-Rodriguez Family has embraced remote learning.


Warmest regards,

Adriann Jean-Denis, Principal


“The beautiful thing about learning is that no one can take it away from you.”