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December 2021 Principal's Message

Hello Crawford-Rodriguez Families,


School Picture Make-Up Day

School picture make-up day is Tuesday, December 7 for retakes or for students who have not had their picture taken this school year.  


Schoolwide Special Days in December

Friday, December 10 - Holiday Sweater/Color Day - If you have a favorite holiday sweater, show it off or wear your favorite holiday color combination!

Thursday, December 16 - New Crawford-Rodriguez Signage Reveal !!!!!

Friday, December 17 - School Spirit Day - Wear your school spirit apparel or the school colors, red, black and gray!


Winter Celebrations 

Your child’s teacher will soon share specific information about winter celebrations that will be happening in your child’s class.  


Report Cards

First marking period report cards will be available in the portal on December 22 after 9:00am.


December/January Shortened Day and School Closings 

Thursday, December 23 is a shortened day.  Students will be dismissed at 1:15pm.

School is closed on the following days for Winter Break…..December 24 - January 2, 2022.  Students return to school from winter break on Monday, January 3.


School closings in January:  January 17 and 31.  


Early Pick-Up Procedure Reminder

When your child(ren) needs to leave school early, before 2:30pm when we begin preparing for dismissal, it is important that you send a note (paper note or email) to your child’s teacher informing them that your child(ren) will be leaving early.  The note helps to ensure that your child is ready to be dismissed in a timely manner when you arrive for pick-up.

A good practice is to call the main office to inform us of the early dismissal to ensure that your child’s teacher did receive the message. 

Having your child(ren) prepared for an early dismissal will take time when we are not notified in advance.  


Reminder…..Handicapped Parking Rules and Regulations

Parking spaces designated for Handicapped Parking are to be used by those vehicles that have handicapped plates and/or a handicapped tag displayed in their car.  Parking in designated handicapped spots without the proper documentation is against the law and is subject to a summons and fine by law enforcement.  

Under no circumstances should the handicapped spaces be used for vehicles that do not have the proper documentation. This includes if you are dropping your child off late to school.  When dropping your child off for school late, you must park in the parking lot and walk your child to the main entrance of the school to be signed in by the receptionist.

Law enforcement will be contacted if the problem persists.  Thank you for your cooperation.


Coming Soon…..Family Music Shout Outs

I don’t know if you have heard but the principal, Mrs. Jean-Denis,  loves to start each school day with a snippet of a song to brighten everyone’s morning! She loves music!  The students along with Mrs. Jean-Denis thought it would be a great idea for families to share a favorite song with a special shout to the school community.  Complete the Family Music Shout Out Google Form that will be emailed soon and beginning in January during morning announcements Mrs. Jean-Denis will share your school friendly music shout out! We can’t wait to hear what you share and feel free to include a positive message from your family to our school family!


Warm Regards,

Mrs. Jean-Denis