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June Principal's Message

Hello Crawford-Rodriguez Families,


Thank you to our Physical Education Teacher, Ms. Levi, and all of the parent volunteers for the outstanding Game Days!  The weather was beautiful and the students really enjoyed the day showcasing their sportsmanship and athleticism.  Thank you to all of the parents for your support by providing refreshments and cheering on each and every student to give it their all while having fun!


June Shortened Days and School Closing

June 16, 20-22 are shortened days.  The last day of school for the school year is Thursday, June 22.  Students are dismissed at 1:15pm.  


The childcare program at Crawford-Rodriguez is from 1:15 - 6:00pm on shortened days.


School is closed on June 19.


Grade 5 End of Year Activities

  • June 8:  Luau Dance @ 3:15 - 5:15pm

  • June 14 - Grade 5 Breakfast @ 9:45am

  • June 14 - Moving Up Ceremony Day @ 1:30pm - CR Gym - tickets being sent home on 6/7 for all that turned in the blue ticket information sheet that was sent home


JTV will be here live broadcasting our moving up ceremony this year.  The stream will be live at and also broadcasting on Optimum/Cablevision Channel 77 in Jackson.  This year, they will be selling DVDs and also USB Thumb Drives to take home right after the ceremony ends.  Get either for $20 each or BOTH a USB flash drive and a DVD for $30.  JTV accepts cash or checks made payable to "jackson school district".


  • June 20 - Health Talk with Ms. Levi (letter to all parents sent home June 5 or 6)


Wildcat End of the Year Celebrations Grades K-4 - School Cafeteria

  • Kindergarten - June 8:  All Kindergarten Classes - 9:45 - 10:45

  • Grade 1 - June 7

    • Georgiano, Kranec and Rodriguez:  9:45 - 10:45

    • Martinez, Rochette/Limongelli:  1:45 - 2:45

  • Grade 2 - June 9:  All Grade 2 classes - 1:45 - 2:30

  • Grade 3 - June 12

    • Alkalay/Sanzone, Livio:  9:45 - 10:45

    • Maher/Jankowski, Pfaff and Medina:  1:45 - 2:45

  • Grade 4 - June 13

    • King/McLaughlin, Daut/Williams:  10:00 - 11:00

    • Gonzalez, Notarnicola:  1:45 - 2:45


If you returned the RSVP to school for the End of the Year Celebrations, you will be receiving a yellow ID Badge(s) that you are to wear upon entering the building.  


Parking is available on the bus ramp for your convenience for all parties.


Preschool End of the Year Parties

The Preschool End of the Year Parties will be organized as all classroom parties have been this year in preschool.  Parent volunteers for each class will be coordinating the parties which will be on June 20 from 11:45am - 12:45pm.


Domino Cereal Challenge

All K-5 students have been working on the Domino Cereal Challenge using all of their engineering skills with the help of Mr. Villecco and their classroom teacher!  We have scheduled the challenge for Thursday, June 15 and it will take place in the school gym.  All students, Preschool - 5 will be attending an assembly in the gym to watch the cereal dominoes fall!  We hope to provide a video of the challenge for the entire school community to see and enjoy! Thank you to the school community for your generosity in donating well over 500 boxes of cereal!  What a wonderful gift to provide to our local food pantry!