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     Welcome to AP Calculus AB!!!

    AP CALCULUS AB is a fast paced, comprehensive course. Students learn about the following topics:  
    • Limits and Their Properties
    • Differentiation
    • Applications of Differentiation
    • Integration
    • Logarithmic, Exponential, and Other Transcendental Functions
    • Differential Equations
    • Applications of Integration
    • L'Hopital's Rule

    SUMMER WORK- The packet from online and textbook work is due on the first day of school!  The second day of class will be a Test!!  Make sure you review Trig formulas as well!!  Look at tab student resources to see the summer work in more detail!!! 

    Required Graphing Calculator:  TI-84 Plus CE 

    Bring to class everyday your notebook, pencils, and graphing calculator.