• All classes will meet in school and remotely. You need to follow the school calendar closely to make sure you are in school on your proper days and you attend the google meets on your remote days. Below is the daily schedule for the building. 


    Each class period is broken into two groups. On the days you are not physically in school, you will have a google meet at your designated class time. 


    Homeroom: 7:15-7:20


    Period 1 A / Period 1 B

    In-School: 7:20-8:20

    Remote: 12:20-12:40


    Period 2 A / Period 2 B

     In-School: 8:28-9:28

    Remote: 12:40-1:00


    Period 4 A / Period 4 B

     In-School: 10:44-11:44

    Remote: 1:20-1:40