This introductory course to art is designed to offer students the basic fundamental skills of art making: drawing and shading techniques, color theory, painting, 2-D design, text, and perspective. These skills serve as a foundation for the study of art in the advanced classes: Studio Art, Honors and AP Studio Art, Media and Techniques 1, 2,and 3 and must be taken in the freshman year if a student wishes to prepare for an art career through the Studio Art electives. The student will also be provided with information about Artist and Art History.

    A basic art class for the beginner. Drawing, Basic Digital Photography, Art History, The Principles and Elements of Design, Painting, Art appreciation, Critique, Sculpture and Perspective. 


    It is very important that you do the work assigned.

    Grading Pocedures:
    1.) Homework is 10% of grade.
    2.) Assessment is 30% of grade.
    3.) Production, (classwork) is 60% of grade.

    Classroom procedures: Student should arrive to class on time. 

    Do Now Assignment in the first 10 minutes of class. Listen to the demonstration. Take notes as needed. Refer to Google classroom for reminders and example videos. Clean up begins 5-10 minutes before class ends. All students are responsible for cleaning up their art supplies and storing them, before they leave.