• JAA Honors Studio Art 1 and 2


    Part one of this full year course sequence is designed to refine artists' drawing and painting skills in the creation of visual imagery. Students are given exposure to specific techniques, media, and art making approaches to enhance their right brain creativity and generate sophisticated pieces of art, which will be shown in public venues. Students receive extensive art appreciation and are expected to respond to art both verbally and through written expression.

    Part two of this full year course is designed to empower students to find methods of visualizing and executing personal ideas. It involves extensive drawing practice, problem solving, and critical thinking processes, which lead to a strong portfolio and prepare the student to execute the concentration portion of AP Studio Art Exam. Students in this program may be considering art related careers including, but not limited to, illustration, painting, fashion design, advertising, and game design.


    1.) Go to classroom.google.com and click Go to Classroom.

    2.) Enter your username and click Next.

    3.) Enter your password and click Next.

    4.) You will be sent a welcome message, read it and click Accept.

    5.) If you're using a G suite for Education account, click I'm a Student.

    6.) Click Get Started.



    It is very important that you do the work assigned.