Course Description

  • Physical Education (60 Days)
    This course continues to emphasize team sports. Since skills have been stressed during the first year, game situation is the main concern after a brief review of skills. Rules and safety precautions are stressed.

    Drivers Education (30 Days)
    Topics that receive emphasis are: legal aspects of driving, care and repair of motor vehicles, analysis of accidents (causes and prevention), and significance of safety in operating a motor vehicle. All aspects of safety while operating a motor vehicle are stressed. Discussion will take place regarding the graduated driver's license and NJ State Drivers manual. The NJ written driver's examination is given to students at the conclusion of the class. Upon successful completion, students will receive a certificate which may qualify them for an insurance certificate.

Google Classroom Codes

  • PERIOD 1 - fnneokc

    PERIOD 3 - 4rakb2b

    PERIOD 4 (A) - lbicnrz

    PERIOD 4 (B) - xiixymf

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