• Preparation

    1. You are expected to come to class ON TIME each day.  
    2. You are required to bring your Chromebook, paper or a notebook, and something to write with to class every day.  If you are unprepared you will lose class-work points for that day.  I do not have any extra pens or pencils so please do not ask me for any.  
    3. All Algebra students will be using a Graphing Calculator daily.  If possible, it will be helpful if they have their own personal graphing calculator to assist them on assignments outside of the classroom. 


    Classroom Grading Percentages School Grading Scale         

    60% - projects, tests, & quizzes 

    20% - homework 

    20% - classwork 

    Final Grade Calculation

    1st MP 28%  

    2nd MP 28%  

    3rd MP 28%  

    Final Exam 16%  

    All grades in this class will be based on a “Points” system.  This means that all assignments will be given a point value out of the points possible.  All grades will be kept in Genesis and can be viewed via the parent portal on the Jackson District website. Keep in mind, however, that any missing work may be averaged into your grade as a zero until it is made up.  This includes tests and quizzes.



    1. Homework will be assigned regularly through the online textbook.
    2. Homework will due at 11:45 pm on the following school day from which it was assigned. The grade you receive will be your grade but you will have unlimited attempts.  No late homework will be accepted.  If you do not do it, it is a zero!
    3. At the end of each marking period, I will “drop” the lowest homework grade.  


    Absence and Make-up Work Policy

    1. It is your responsibility to make up and submit all work to the teacher in the specified number of days in accordance with the school handbook.  Even if you are absent, it is your responsibility to find the work on Google Classroom and do the work.  An exception may be made if there is an extended excused absence. (5 or more consecutive days). Please see me immediately upon your return if this applies to you.
    2. The homework is still due when it’s due since I am already giving you a second day.
    3. If you are absent the day before a test or quiz, you will take it with the class, so be prepared!


    Extra Help

    I am office hours during the common lunch period each day for extra help. 

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