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    Today is Monday, April 6, 2020.

    First, let me begin this week thanking all of you for doing such a great job! I appreciate the help from your parents as we continue through this maze of learning. Please continue to reach out to me with ANY questions or concerns. We are almost to spring break which will give all of us a chance to breath and reload. 

    This week you will all be starting on Day 16 lessons. IF you missed any work from last week, it is posted in the links on the left side of this page ( Read 180 10 Days Remote learning) (Math  10 Days Remoted Lessons) These lessons will take us up to Thursday, April 9th. Spring break starts Friday, April 10th.

    I will leave the tabs available over spring break in case you need to make up any work. 

     I will continue to communicate with you through this class page and through email. Please get into the habit of checking both each day. 



     For my math students, you must click on the 10 Day Remote Math link on the left side of this page. You will see instructions for you to complete your assignments through Pearson. 

    Day 16-Jared 2-6 ( Add and Subtract Decimals)

    Day 16-Lesley, Katherine, Alexandra 3-6 (Practice multiplication facts)


    For Read 180 students, your directions and assignments will be on this page below. 

    If you should have any technical difficulties logging into your computer/chromebook please contact our tech department at 

    Parents/Students -  techsupport@jacksonsd.org 


    Read 180

    Welcome to Day 16 of the Remote Learning Experience! You must log on to Read 180 and complete 30 minutes on the Student Application each day.  Complete the work for Day 16 Assignment. Today you will be learning  how to analyze settings.The setting is the time and place of a story. You will learn to identify details about how the setting affects the plot and mood of the story. Today, you will be reading "The Lake Monster". Copy the document into a google document and complete the questions. Share your answers through gmail. Or, if you have an iPhone go to notes and hit the camera button then scan it, hit send and pick gmail and send to me. 

    Remember to log your independent reading in your reading log.


    Day 16 - Lesson


    Day 16 - Reading


    Day 16 - Graphic Organizer


    Every Day: Log into your READ180 Student Application

    1st: Please use this link:


    2nd: Log into HMH Central using your Username and Password. 

    3rd: Click on the Read180 and work on your assignments in the Student Application.

    4th: Work in the Student Application for 30 minutes each day.


    Our Virtual Spirit Week was a blast!  Are you ready for what is next?



    Send a picture of you working hard on school assignments.  Send a picture one day or every day, it's up to you!  

    Remember to send your pictures to lahenry@jacksonsd.org

    Tell your parents to join the HOPE Parent Reminders group on Facebook!  You can post your pictures there too!

    Remember to send your pictures to lahenry@jacksonsd.org

    Special Area Resources:


    Art Resources


    Spanish Resources


    Physical Education Resources


    Library Resources


    Computers Resources


    Music Resources


    EnVision Math Login Instructions for Students:

    Students will use their district Google account credentials to log into Pearson EnVision Math.  You will NOT use a username or password to access your Math resources and class assignments

    Please find your login instructions below:

    1.  You MUST FIRST LOG INTO your district Google account (or Gmail)
      1. Your email is studentID@jacksonsd.org
      2. If this is your first time logging into Gmail, your password is welcome#jsd
    2. While still in your Gmail, go to the Apps button (wa
    3. ffle).
    4. Click “More” at the bottom.
    5. Click the “Easy Bridge” icon and you will be taken directly to Pearson.  Just click “Realize” in the lower right and you’re there! 



    read 180          


    Back to School

    My classroom will be a peanut free classroom this year. Students cannot bring any snacks that contain any tree nuts or peanuts this school year. Thank you!


    Email: jlykes@jacksonsd.org