*Updated May 6, 2021 



    Please remember to send in 2 snacks and a water bottle with your child each day.  This will help your child get through the day since we will no longer have a lunch period.


    Hi Families!  I am doing an open Google Meet from 2:00-2:45 a few afternoons a week.  I will announce the days I will be on these meets at the end of each school day.  This is a voluntary meet and students are not required to join.  This time can be used for me to review sight words, letter, sounds, or anything else that your student may need some extra practice with.  The link to the meet will be the same link that was posted first thing in the morning on the Google Classroom.  The children do not have to stay for the entire period, but just know that time is available for me to work with students.  If it begins to get too crowded, I can schedule blocks of time for small groups within those sessions. 




     If you have any questions or concerns please feel free to email me:  sbosley@jacksonsd.org


    Group 1 Google Classroom Link. Click here to join!

    Group 2 Google Classroom Link. Click here to join!

    (Google Classroom Log In Video)


    Welcome to Kindergarten! 

      Kindergarten is such an exciting year!  I am Mrs. Bosley and I will be your child's kindergarten teacher this year.  Even though we are beginning our year a little differently than in the past , I am hoping to keep things as fun and safe as possible.  I am very happy to be sharing this year with you and your child.  Please be sure to check our class page weekly to see all of the things we will be discussing and learning this year in our class.  There are so many things to go over before the school year begins so here are some important points!

    *The only thing your child will need to bring to school is a backback that is large enough to hold a standard size folder and  lunchbox. I will provide everything else.  If your child is buying lunch, please use the link to the lunch account to put money in your child's account (Food Services). It is important for your student to know if they will be buying a hot lunch or a cold lunch on each particular day.  Please see the above link for a menu.

    *Students are encouraged to bring a bagged lunch for the beginning of the school year until they become acclimated to our lunch program.

    *Please be sure to fill out the covid health screening for your child each day.  This is extremely important for the health and safety of all our students and staff.  Thank you!

    *Google classroom invites have been sent out through your child's email.  Please log into google using your student's id and check the email for the invitation.  I have created a video to help you navigate if you need it.

    Google classroom login video

    *Students may bring in a water bottle as our drinking fountains are not in use at this time.  If their water bottle is left in school, they will NOT be permitted to use it again the next time they come until it has gone home to be washed.  Please label the water bottle with your child's name.

    *I will be sending home a ziplok bag in your child's folder the first week of school.  Please put an extra mask in that bag in case your child needs to change his/her mask during the day.  They can keep the bag with the mask in their backpack.  Dirty masks will just go in the backpack without the bag.



    Google meet Rules  


    covid mask


    Face masks are REQUIRED during the school day.  Students will be maintaining the proper 6 foot distance from one another in the classroom and must wear their mask for the duration of the school day. (We will take mask breaks outside when needed!)

    Hand sanitizer will also be used frequently in the classroom.  Please let me know if your child has any known allergies to hand sanitizer.




    Important Dates to Remember

    Monday, May 31 - School Closed (Memorial Day) 




     Daily Specials (10:35-11:05)

    **Your child will have the same special every day for approximately 3 weeks.

     Art (March 1 - March 19) 

    Music (March 22 - April 16)

    Tech (April 19 - May 7)

    Library (May 10 - May 28)

    Phys Ed. (June 1 - June 18)



    Scholastic Book Club

    Every month or so, I will be sending home a Scholastic Reading Flyer. Please take a moment to look over the Scholastic Reading Club Flyer. The club features books of all levels for as little as $1.00. Orders are delivered to the school with no shipping and handling charges. Each order earns us points for our classroom library. 

    Please use the code to order online:  DWMQQ  at www.scholastic.com/readingclub.



    Teacher's Wishlist

    Our classroom is always in need of some items.  If you would like to donate any of these items throughout the year,

    it would be greatly appreciated!


    *Lysol/Clorox Wipes (if you can find them!)






    Our Daily In School Schedule

    Morning Meeting

    Literacy (Fundations/Readers Workshop)

    Social Studies/Science





     **We will take lots of brain breaks throughout the day!!!   During these breaks, the children will have the opportunity to stand up and move to get their wiggles out.