I am so very excited to begin our school year! This year is going to be unlike any other and new things await you when school begins.  Although we will not be in a classroom, we get to have our own virtual Google Classroom. No matter where we are learning, I will be doing my best to make this year fun and full of growth!  I'm looking forward to getting started on Tuesday, Sepetember 8th, 2020.  


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    October 5th-9th

    Week of Respect

    Monday, October 5th-- Stomp Out Bullying created World Day of Bullying Prevention Blue Shirt Day.  Do your part to stomp out bullying. Wear a BLUE shirt. 


    Tuesday, October 6th-- Follow the Golden Rule- Be respectful! Wear GOLD or YELLOW.


    Wednesday, October 7th-- Crazy for Kindness- We go crazy for kindness and respect! Wear crazy socks.


    Thursday, October 8th-- Crazy for Kindness- We go crazy for kindness and respect! Crazy hair day.   


    Friday, October 9th-- We Are All Different-  Wear mismatched clothes to remind us that we are different and can all be friends. 

    October 19th-23rd

    Safe Schools Week

     Monday, October 19th -- Help Everyone Respect Others – Dress like a Superhero Day - Wear a superhero shirt or mask.

    Tuesday, October 20th -- Peace, Love, & Happiness - Spread good vibes and promote peace by wearing peace signs or tie dye to school.

     Wednesday, October 21st -- Wear ORANGE for Unity Day - Show that we are united for kindness, acceptance, and inclusion.

    Thursday, October 22nd -- Throw Kindness Around Like Confetti – Wear as many colors as you can.

    Friday, October 23rd -- United As One - Wear your school apparel to show that we are united to keep our school safe. 


    October 26th-30th

    Red Ribbon Week

    Monday, October 26th Proud to be Drug Free - Wear RED to kick off Red Ribbon Wee 

    Tuesday, October 27thTeam up Against Drugs - Wear a team jersey or shirt

     Wednesday, October 28thPut a Cap on Drugs – Wear your favorite hat

     Thursday, October 29th Lei Off Drugs - Wear a Hawaiian shirt or a lei

     Friday, October 30th My Future is Bright - No Drugs in Sight - Wear neon or bright colors





    Virtual Back to School Ms.Many

    Virtual Back to School Ms.Schadl

     Virtual Back to School Mr.Grayce

     Virtual Back to School Ms.Keller

                                                                Virtual Back to School Ms.Johnson



     Click here: 

    Remote Learning Expectations

     Remote Learning Handbook


    If you're having tech issues with regards to remote learning, please use the emails below: 

    Parents/Students -  techsupport@jacksonsd.org 

    Parent/Student Technology Assistance Request:

    If you are having difficulty with your technology, please complete the form below:

    Request Form

     *Please note that we only offer assistance with district provided devices.

     Specials from 2:30-3:15

    Please click on the link below to get to your child's special area for the day:

    Monday  Art  Ms. Many

    Tuesday  Music     Mr. Grayce's Music Page

     Wednesday  Gym   Ms. Keller's Phys Ed Page

    Thursday   Technology    Mrs. Johnson's Computer Page

    Friday   Library   Ms. Schadl's Library Page






    We will begin our year introducing the alphabet using the Fundations Phonics Program.  During the 1st two short weeks, we will read Chicka, Chicka, Boom, Boom and introduce ALL the letters.  Starting the 3rd week, we will focus on 1-2 letters a week.  We will introduce (review) each letter, sound and discriminate between the uppercase and lowercase letter.   

    Sight Words:



    Reader's Workshop

    In class during our readers workshop time, we are learning how to be a Reader. 
    We are learning that there are 3 ways to read a book...
    1. Look at the pictures
    2. Look at the words
    3.  Retell the story



    Writer's Workshop

    Writer's Workshop is a designated time each day where students become “authors”.
    After each mini-lesson students will have independent writing time where they will choose their own topic for their writing and have an opportunity to practice skills and strategies taught in the mini lesson. By giving the students choices in their topics, the writing becomes authentic, engaging, and meaningful. During this independent writing time the teacher will be meet with individuals or small groups to conference and encourage their growth as authors.
    Students will learn to write, revise, edit, and publish stories throughout the school year. They will also begin to assess their own writing and learn to implement the characteristics of quality writing into their own work.


    Like Literacy, the Math skills and thinking is encouraged across the curriculum.  I love to incorporate stories, songs, art projects, and hands-on activities when teaching, and Math time is no exception.   

    You can access the website at home using the following link 




    • Once on the website, follow the following directions....
      • 1.  At the Pearson sign-in page, click the box that says Pearson EasyBridge Plus & Auto
      • 2.  At the box where it says to choose your district, type/select:
    • 3.  Student Log In Information:

    Login:  Student ID#

    Password: First Name + Grade level (for ex:  JereKF)


    You can expect a packet for each topic to come home This is, by no means, a requirement, but rather supplemental to what we're doing in class.

    In Math, We solve and share together.  We practice together.  We learn together!  The Vocabulary cards, again, are not meant to be 'sight' words for the kiddos...they are to be used as a tool to aid in understanding of the concept behind the word.  You'll notice a pictoral representation on the back of each card.  The picture and the opportunity to explore the concept of the word is much more meaningful at this developmental stage.   Use the language in your day to day interactions, just as I do in class.  



  • Class Schedule



    Social Studies/Science/ Health







    Wishlist Items 

    • large white paper plates
    • small white paper plates
    • ziploc bags (any size)
    • hand sanitizer
    • Lysol wipes
    • Baby wipes
    • tissues
    • playdough
    • foaming shaving cream 
    • prizes for our prize box (small toys, dollar store items, Target Spot)
  • Chromebook Log-in Information
    In order to enhance students' educational experiences through the use of technology and online resources, the Jackson School District provides a Google Account for all students in the district PreK-12.  
    This account information is what students will use to log into their Chromebooks.  It also allows students to access a variety of online resources through our district school websites using a single-sign-on system.  
    This account includes a Gmail address. 
    Each students' email address is comprised of the student's unique
    Student ID Number (Lunch number) @jacksonsd.org
    A password is automatically generated by the system that is typically not easy for our young learners to memorize or type in.  For ease of use for our youngest remote learners, PreK-K, these passwords have been reset to a generic password -(Sept2020).  
     Once you have logged into your child's account you have the ability to change this password to whatever you choose.  Passwords must be 8 or more characters.  
    Keep in mind that once a password is changed by a parent, guardian, or student the district cannot retrieve the information.  Therefore if you forget the password you will need to contact the technology department to have the password reset. 
    Please do not hesitate to reach out with any questions or concerns.
    Mrs. Pagano-Hein
    Elementary Remote Learning Academy Administrator


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