•                                                         snow                    

                                                              January 9-13, 2023!




    -Names to Know:                    Teacher:  Ms. Tina

                                    Paraprofessionals:  Ms. Nevien

                                                                      Ms. Stacy

                                                                      Ms. Tracie

                                                                                                       Ms. Sharon

                                                    Students:  Adrian              Matthew

                                                                       Kaleb               Anthony

                                                                       Stephen           Freddie   

                                                                                                         Jacob               Alphonse

    -No School Monday, January 16th

    -Our theme this week - Winter and snow 

    -We go outside daily, weather permitting.  Please dress your child in a warm coat and hat since winter is here and it's chilly outside!

    -WE NEED TISSUES PLEASE!! If you can send in a box or two, we would really appreciate it!


     -Please label everything sent to school, especially jackets, hats, gloves, etc.  We work on gaining independence, which means that sometimes the children put belongings in the wrong cubby.  If labeled, we can make the appropriate corrections.   Please send in a baggie with spare pants, socks, and a shirt.  If potty trained, send in spare underwear.  If your child is not yet potty trained, send in a package of diapers/pullups and wipes.  We will let you know when we need more.  We will also help you to train your child. 


    -send your child in with a regular sized backpack and snack daily. You can purchase lunch for $3.00 each day or send in a lunch and drink.  We have a microwave if lunch needs to be heated.  


    -If you need to reach me, you can email me at tnelson@jacksonsd.org or text me via the Remind App (see below)

     If you haven't signed onto the Remind App, please join.  As a reminder,  this is a school based text messaging app. It enables me to text my families important messages individually or as a group.  It also allows my families to text me if needed.  This is all you have to do:

                                      send a text to 81010

                                then text this message: @af64ed


    Wishing all of my families a healthy and happy New Year!




     love  Ms. Tina