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    September 9-10, 2021


    Welcome to Preschool!!!

    A few FYI's:

    -please send your child to school the first day with a ziploc baggie with spare shorts, shirt, and socks in case of accidents or spills.  If your child is potty trained, send in a spare set of underwear too.  If your child is not potty trained, send in a package of wipes and diapers/pullups and 3-4 pairs of underwear.  We will help to train your child!!!  Please remember to label EVERYTHING with your child's name.


    -We go outside for recess daily.  Please put your child in sneakers every day for safety reasons. Also, since the warm weather and stronger sun rays are still here, it is recommended to put sunscreen on your child each day. 


     -No School - Spetember 16th


    **Please join the PTN when the flyers are sent home.  They are an asset to our school and do so much for the children!!


    -Names to know:  Ms. Tina, classroom teacher

                               Ms. Alessandra, para

                               Ms. Diane, para

                               Ms. Nevien, para

                               Ms. Stacy, para

    -please send in a snack and drink daily.  You can choose to send in a lunch as well, or receive a free lunch (hot or cold) through the school.  

    -we will have nap time daily.  I have sleep mats for each of my students with a sheet that will be sent home to wash each Friday.  Please send in a blanket and a comfort toy for your child to nap with. 

    -if you need to reach me, please accept the invite to Talking Points (a text messaging system provided by the school or email me at tnelson@jacksonsd.org 



     I am looking forward to working together to help your child grow! 

     heart   Ms. Tina