Back to School


    Welcome to First Grade with Mrs. Galvin!


    Mrs. Brennan is another teacher who is part of our class during First Grade!

    We also have a para in our classroom, Mrs. Cocco!


    I will be communicating with all of you in many ways.  Some of those ways are through a daily behavior calendar which can be found in the back of your child's blue homework folder, "this teacher class page", notes and/or notices sent home, emails and class dojoSoon, I will be emailing each of you instructions for joining class dojo.  You can either download the app or go to: www.classdojo.com  

    It would be GREATLY beneficial if you sign up!  I will send reminders for things such as: class parties, book fairs, picture day, field day, school events, early dismissals, etc...  I may also share things that we are learning and doing in the classroom.  I will explain it at Back to School Night.

    Also, when we have a class party I will send you each an email invite with an "optional" party supply sign up from Signup Genius.



    CONGRATULATIONS on a GREAT START to First Grade!!!  It was wonderful meeting all of the students!  I can tell we will have a successful school year! 


    school bus

    On the first day of school each student who rides the school bus home will wear a teacher-made "bus necklace" with their name and bus number on it.  Please send it back to school EACH day for the first few weeks of school or UNTIL your child learns their bus number.  Each child is walked to their bus EVERY day, but the necklace is very helpful.  THANK YOU for your support!   


    Class Schedule:


    Monday: Computer

    Tuesday:   Art

    Wednesday: Library

    Thursday:  Music

    Friday:  Gym (sneakers)

    LUNCH: 11:20-11:50





    The school supplies each student with a blue homework folder, pencils, erasers, crayons, highlighters, scissors and glue sticks.  Here are some additional supplies that are OPTIONAL  and may enhance your child's first grade experience:

    ~ backpack

    ~ lunch box

    ~ "HARD PLASTIC" pencil box

    ~ a few extra yellow sharpened #2 pencils

    ~ LARGE glue stick

    ~ box of tissues for the classroom

    ~ container of disinfectant wipes for the classroom


    Holman School Gift Auction Donations!

    Our school is having a Gift Auction on Saturday, October 12th to raise money for our students! 


    Each classroom is asked to send in items and the items will be put into a basket for the Gift Auction. 

    Our CLASSROOM THEME Basket is called, "Holiday Extravaganza Basket"!

    H.O.P.E. is asking for you to send in ANY holiday decorations and/or crafts so they can make our basket.

    If you are choosing to send in items, you can label them, "Holman Gift Auction" and they should be sent in by:

    Friday, 9/27.


    If you would like to attend the Gift Auction, volunteer to help, or send in a Sponsor,

    please see the H.O.P.E. E-Backpack on the Holman School Website!






    Monday, September 30th

    Tuesday, October 1st

    Wednesday, October 9th

    Monday, October 14th


     First Grade Back to School Night is on Monday, September 23rd at 7pm.

    I look forward to meeting you and working with you and your child this school year! 



    SCHOOL PICTURE DAY is on __________.



    Each student has a blue homework folder that SHOULD come home each night.  Students generally have homework Monday through Thursday nights.  Please check the folder daily for homework and/or notices.  Once homework begins your child will have a homework chart in the classroom.  Each night they complete ALL parts of their homework they receive a sticker on their chart.  Once it is filled they will earn a special treat!




    Homework Assignment: Your child will be getting an

    "ALL ABOUT ME POSTER" and will be asked to complete and decorate it. They will have at least a week to complete it.  Feel free to help your child in completing this assignment. Please send the poster back by:

    Friday, September 20th.


    (Last week your child had a Math Worksheet each night for homework. 

    We like to ease into homework by adding one more homework component each week.


    Homework for Week of September 16th:

    1- Math Worksheet

    2- Kindergarten Sight Word Review Sheet (Reading Race)

    (There will be 20 words for your child to read.  Please time them each night and record their time each night.  Our goal is for them to became faster as the week goes on.  You may practice the words first with your child before doing the timing if necessary. Once we start the First Grade Sight Words there will only be 5 Sight Words on the worksheet that will be repeated over and over. 


    Beginning on Monday, September 23rd, students will have an additional homework.  They will begin to bring home a "Reading Bag" and a "Reading Log".  Each night your child will be asked to read a couple of books and complete the Reading Log.




    Each month your child will receive a calendar and it can be found in the back of their blue homework folder.  Please check it daily as it will indicate whether your child earned a smile, frown, or required reminders for their behavior each day. The calendar will also have important dates noted such as class parties, picture day, no school days, early dismissal  days, spirit wear days, etc...

    rock star

    "ROCK STAR of the Week"!


    During the school year students will have the opportunity to EARN "Rock Star of the Week" and will have their poster on display and enjoy special privileges during the week!




         Beginning on Monday, 9/16 , students will bring home a sight word reading race.  Please time your child and record how long it takes for them to read all of the sight words. Also, please initial next to each night.  The goal is for students to read the words quicker each night.  Thank you for your support!


         During the month of September all students will be assessed to determine their reading level.  After the whole class has been assessed they will bring home a "reading bag" with leveled readers for reading homework.  Please have your child read each night and a parent initial the reading log.  It will be a two-sided reading log.  One side provides your child with OPTIONAL and FUN ways to read at home.  (For example on their bed, under a table, etc...) The other side of the log should be filled out each night and initialed by a parent/guardian. 

    Thank you for your cooperation and as always if you should have any questions please do not hesitate to contact me.



    school spirit

     School Spirit Days:  If possible have your child wear their spirit wear or school colors (red, black, or gray) on:

    September 27th

    October 11th

    November 22nd

    December 6th

    January 17th

    February 28th

    March 27th

    April 24th

    May 22nd

    June 5th


    H.O.P.E. Meetings:  The next meeting is on September 13th at 7pm in the library.  Hope you can join us!  We need your support to make the school a better place!  

    October 7th

    November 15th

    January 17th

    February 7th

    April 4th

    May 9th



    You can access the Math Series online.  (Pearson Realize)

    I assigned your child assignments that can be completed for additional math practice.  


    Log in information:


    1-Your child's ID# 

    2-Child's name beginning with a CAPITAL letter and grade: Example: John01 





























































































  •                                                                                                                 Art

    First Grade Specials Schedule:

    Mondays: Computer

    Tuesdays: Art

    Wednesdays: Library(Please bring your library book.)

    Thursdays: Music

    Fridays: Gym (Please wear sneakers.)


    Lunch: 11:20- 11:50

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