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    Hi everyone!  There will be new lessons appearing for the next 8 days!  Lessons will be released at 8:00 each morning.  There will be a link on my web page, as well as in the Google Classrooms.  I will place the main link in the science and social studies classroom since every student is a part of that.  Individul lessons will also be reshared in the Google Classrooms for each subject.  For example, the math lesson can be found reshared in the math google classroom. Please follow your correct teacher's schedule!  If you have Mrs. Lykes or Mr. Hynes, please follow their assignments for Read 180 instead of my reading and writing.  Please note, there are some parts of the lesson that can only be accessed through the Google Classroom, such as the math work to go with the lesson.

     Students: Don't forget to check your email!  Mrs. K and I are sending you message updates!  Please remember to check this web page and each Google Classroom to access all of your lessons and assignments.  Below, you will find links to each of your Google Classrooms.  Thank you all so much for keeping up with the lessons!  You are doing a fantastic job!  All of your hard work is very much appreciated! 

    Please click on the link below for Tuesday's lesson. Please also go into each google classroom to check for work there as well! If you still need access to lessons earlier in the week, please visit the Google Classrooms!

    plans for Tuesday, March 31

    planes para el martes 31 de marzo


    For the reading task in Linkit, please go to www.test.linkit.com or click on the link below.  Please enter the following assignment code:  001H7PF7.  If you are in Mrs. Berger's homeroom, please use this assignment code: 001271EH.  The two 0's in front are the number zero.  The password is going to be your lunch number.

    Link to the Reading Linkit Assignments 


    Below, please find the links to each of our google classroom pages.  Assignments will be posted in each one daily, so be sure to check them each day!

    Science and Social Studies Google Classroom 

    Mrs. Milon's and Mrs. Kowalewski's Reading Google Classroom

    Mrs. Milon's and Mrs. Kowalewski's Math Google Classroom



    Mrs. Milon's and Mrs. Berger's after school Enrichment students were sent an email with a link to our Google Classroom.  All of the information was included in the email.  If you have any questions, please send me an email.  My address is at the top of this page.


    We will be participating in school spirit this week again!  Check out this week's spirit days!

    Monday 3/30:  Read somewhere comfy and cozy

    Tuesday 3/31:  Take a walk or bike ride with a family member

    Wednesday 4/1:  Play a card game or board game with your family

    Thursday 4/2:  Write your name with sticks, rocks, or other outdoor materials

    Friday 4/3:  Draw a picture or write a letter to a friend

    Be sure to send your pictures to Mrs. Henry at lahenry@jacksonsd.org !


     If you have any questions or need to reach me, please send me an email at mdmilon@jacksonsd.org.










    All our dreams can come true, if we have the courage to persue them. - Walt Disney









Class Schedule


    9:00 - 9:40 Science/Social Studies

    9:42 - 10:22 Special

    10:25 - 11:05 Writing

    11:05 - 12:05 Literacy

    12:05- 12:25 Recess

    12:30 - 1:00 Win Time

    1:05 - 1:35 Lunch

    1:50 - 2:50 Math Block


    Special Schedule

    Monday - Gym (wear sneakers)

    Tuesday - Music

    Wednesday - World Language

    Thursday - Art

    Friday - Technology

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