Welcome to Ms. Prendergast and Mrs. Morrison's 3rd Grade Class. We look forward to the rest of the school year with you!



    Dear Class,

    We miss you all very much and hope you are all doing well at home! You will find the lesson plans for the next 8 days before Spring Break starts on April 9th. The links to each assignment along with detailed directions will be there to help guide your learning.We have posted these assignments on google classroom and our webpage. Each day is labeled with the date to keep you very well organized. Reading, math, science, and writing activities will be written for you to follow.

    As always, we are here for you and if you have any questions at all please feel free to contact us. All assignments will be graded once we return to school, so please keep track of your work. Please stay safe and healthy with your families.


    *All the assignments will be posted daily on our google classroom page and on our webpage!*




    Ms. Prendergast & Mrs. Morrison


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    Remote Learning Plans 3/30-4/8

     Special Area Resources: This is the links to the special area teachers' webpages. Be sure to view this as you do ours each day.


    Monday 3/30:  Read somewhere comfy and cozy

    Tuesday 3/31Take a walk or bike ride with a family member

    Wednesday 4/1:  Play a card game or board game with your family

    Thursday 4/2:  Write your name with sticks, rocks, or other outdoor materials

    Friday 4/3:  Draw a picture or write a letter to a friend



    Feel Free to contact us via email: