• Beginning Monday, March 16th, the Remote Learning Plan will begin.

    Please feel free to contact me at jsteider-jones@jacksonsd.org if you have any questions.  

    You can access the DAILY WORK REQUIRED by clicking on the link below, or YOUR CHILD can access our Google Classroom for their assignments.

    Google Classroom



    Day 1 Literacy LinkIt Code: 001RG7R4

    Day 2 Literacy LinkIt Code: 001AF246

    Day 3 Literacy LinkIt Code: 0015SFQ4

    Day 4 Literacy LinkIt Code: 001SY1JP

    Day 5 Literacy LinkIt Code: 0018ZA3M

    Day 6 Literacy LinkIt Code: 00187SX8

    Day 7 Literacy LinkIt Code: 0013R418

    Day 8 Literacy LinkIt Code: 0013F7P7


    I have created Raz-Kids accounts for all of you to access additional reading resources including nonfiction texts. To get in to your account visit this site, type in JSteiderjones in the find teacher box, find your name and click on the password of the iguana. I have assigned all of you with the same password for now once you log in you may send me an email of the icon you want to be your new password and I will change it for you!







    Welcome to 4th Grade!

    Suggested School Supply List:

    1- blue pen

    1- black pen

    5- pencils

    1- 3 subject notebook

    1- 1 inch binder, with paper

    4- pocket folders


    Snack Time:

    Since we have a later lunch period at 12:30 PM, we will be having time in our room for a quick snack break. The snack should be something healthy, “brain food”. Some ideas are fruit, vegetables, cheese, yogurt, pretzels. Thank you in advance! DO NOT send in candy or chocolate. If you're not sure please ask! 

    PLEASE NOTE: We are a PEANUT/NUT FREE Classroom. Please do not send your child in with any snacks that contain any type of nuts.


    Math Pearson Realize Login Steps: 

    1.  Log into your district Google account (or Gmail) 
    2. While still in your Gmail, go to the Apps button (waffle).
    3. Click “More” at the bottom.
    4. Click the “Easy Bridge” icon and you will be taking directly to Pearson.  Just click “Realize” in the lower right and you’re there!



  • Monday-Technology

    Tuesday- World Language

    Wednesday- Music

    Thursday- Art

    Friday- Physical Education