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    Welcome back and welcome to 2nd grade! During the 2019-2020 school year I'm happy to say I will be teaching with Miss Cerwinski. I am looking forward to a great year with you and your child. 

    This website will be an important tool for both students and parents throughout the year. Please make it a habit to check it weekly for up to date skills and concepts being covered in class as well as any special announcements. 

    Classroom donations are always greatly appreciated.
    Tissues, lysol wipes, and baby wipes are always welcome. 

    Important Dates to Remember

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    Thursday, January 2nd - School Reopens 
    Monday, January 20th - School Closed 
    Tuesday, January 21st - Friday, January 31st - SOUPer Bowl


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    Tuesday - Music Image result for music clipart

    Wednesdy - Art Image result for art clipart

     Thursday - Gym (Wear SneakersImage result for sneaker clipart 

    Friday - Library Image result for library clipart


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    The reading log will be sent home Monday through Thursday and can be found inside of your child's red book baggie. Students must return the book baggie with their reading logs to school each day. Reading logs will be checked in the morning at the start of reading class. Students must log what they are reading and for how long they are reading. Please let me know if you have any questions about this.


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    Each night students will be bringing home a math homework sheet. The sheet will be from their EnVision Workbooks and it will be labeled as "homework." This will be due the morning after it is sent home. The homework sheets will always correspond with the lesson taught that day.

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     Starting on October 7th, we have our first student of the week chosen! Below find some information on what your child needs to do as student of the week:

     I will choose one student every Friday. I will be choosing students randomly each week. All students will have the opportunity to be our star student of the week by the end of the school year. When the student is chosen, I will be sending home the “All About Me” posters the students have been working on the past few weeks. Over the weekend, the students are asked to complete their poster by adding a photo of themselves in the blank space where it says, “This is a picture of me.” Each day of the week, the student will be able to bring in or show us something special about themselves. Some students may need to finish writing and coloring their posters. Please finish this over the weekend. The schedule is as follows:

     Monday: Bring in your poster with a photo of you and share it with the class.

    Tuesday: Bring in your favorite book and you or one of the teachers can read it to the class.

    Wednesday: Choose the Go Noodle for the day.

    Thursday: We will make a class poster with your name and all the words the class can make out of your name. The poster will be sent home.

    Friday: Share any special talents you have with the rest of the class.

    Please let me know if you have any questions about star student of the week. I look forward to learning more about your child!


    Click here to view the 2019-2020 district calendar

    Holman School Spirit Days
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