• GAntonelli  

    Hello. I am Mr. Antonelli, teacher of AP Biology, Honors Biology and Environmental/Earth Sciences. I am passionate about science, sustainability and engineering. I enjoy building things/hands-on activities, cross curricular lessons, and use of technology. In my classes, you'll do all of these.

    Science is much more than just bookwork although a great deal of research is always necessary to truly master a concept and I'm here to help you do that. 

    I believe that everyone should have access to an education that is not only relevant to real world application but one in which increases each individuals chances for survival and success in life whichever path he or she chooses to take after leaving my classes and our school. I promote acts of humanity, charity, and educating one another in areas of science, self sustainability and preservation of the environment. Reduce, Recycle and Reuse. And, most importantly maintain peace on Earth. Respect all forms of life and maintain our shared environment.

    Please look through the tabs on my page for class resources and special assignments under whichever course title may pertain to you or your child.

    I can be reached via email at GAntonelli@JacksonSD.Org

    Or, via telephone if you call Jackson Memorial High School and request to speak with me.

    I have many great ideas that your child can participate with, specializing in Nutrition, Aquaponics & Hydroponic Systems, Composting, Raised Bed & Container Gardening. Real experiments generating real data!

    I also specialize in ecology,  animal husbandry and habitat design. So, stop by our room and check out some of our plant and/or animal displays.

    Have a great day!