English I

  • 0102  ENGLISH I 

    Grade 9

    This course is designed to further develop the reading and writing skills necessary for success at the high school level. English l includes a thorough study of both nonfiction and fiction and a review of advanced grammatical skills. Expository, argumentative and narrative writing techniques are emphasized and particular emphasis is placed on the process of writing a research synthesis essay.  The study of vocabulary is included on a regular basis.  The literature portion of the course includes the analysis of various genres including: poetry, novels, epic, short stories, dramas, and nonfiction.  Students are required to read independently and to complete several outside reading assignments. Additionally, summer reading and a semester long authentic research project are required.  Students will actively participate in the research process and will use and evaluate various sources of information to develop a thesis statement.  Students will use  technology to enhance reading and writing skills, to communicate, and to acquire useful information.