• "The important thing in Science is not so much to obtain new facts as to discover new ways of thinking about them"
    Albert Einstein

    Email: atracz@jacksonsd.org SCIENCE

    Per 1 B218 Conceptual Science 
    Per 2 B115 Conceptual Chemistry  
    Per 3 B218 Biology
    Per 4 B218 Proffessional  

    COMMON LUNCH EXTRA HELP: B218 Monday 9:54-10:24; Thursday & Friday: 10:24-10:52 am

    Use Google Classroom for current class information and assignments: GOOGLE CLASSROOM: https://classroom.google.com/h

    Parents: please have your child invite you to the Google Classroom page so you can view assignments.

    Hello! I am happy to be entering my eleventh year of teaching at JLHS. I attended Jagiellonian University in Europe and graduated with a MA in Biology. I began long term substituting in Science at JMHS and loved seeing the "light bulb" that went on when the students learned something from me. It's my dream now to pass on my joy and excitement of discovering Science to your son or daughter. 

    As a parent myself, I appreciate the importance of strong teacher-parent relationships.  I therefore welcome questions and feedback from parents as well as students.  

    I look forward to an exciting and eye-opening year!