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    Period 1- B124 English 4 (with Mrs. O'Connor)

    Period 2- B124  English 4



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    Period 3- B124  English 4

    Period 4- B 124 Prep

    Mr. Brodowski's email address: ebrodowski@jacksonsd.org

    The English Department's final examination for the 2022-2023 academic year:

    The grade 12 Authentic Assessment unit will integrate non-fiction, creative non-fiction, narrative fiction, dramatic literature, research, and writing using the theme of Global Issues. The course will provide students with the ability to strengthen understanding and develop skills, while continuously requiring learners to reflect and build upon information and previously studied material, thus developing the career and college skill of synthesis. 

    The outline of the project will be posted at the start of the semester, with a syllabus of tasks and deadlines. The assessment will be graded throughout the course, and specific components (the final research paper and the formal presentation, definitively) will double as final examination elements. The details will be posted the first week of the class on this site.


    Students and parents are encouraged to track the requirements of this project-based assessment throughout the course, as the final examination grade is almost entirely based on the tasks in this project.