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    Construction & Wood Technology Course:



     Adv. Construction & Wood Technology Course:



    Adv. Construction & Wood Technology 2 Course:






    Students will be required to wear a mask in the school shop at all times!  When students enter the school shop they will proceed directly to the sink to wash their hands before they take their seat.  Student seating has been modified to meet all Sate of New Jersey distancing requirements.  Students will remain in those assigned seats until we begin working independently.  Once students begin moving around freely, they will maintain a safe distance at all times.   All hand tools, portable power tools and larger industrial machines will be wiped down at the end of each period to insure we keep the room as clean as possible.  Anti-bacterial spray bottles with disposable hand towels, and hand sanitizer have been placed all around the room to insure the room stays as clean and safe as possible. At the end of the period all table surfaces, stools, and common hand tools will be wiped down and sanitized before they are used again for the next class period. 


    Welcome back to what is going to be another great semester at the Liberty Shop.  I look forward to meeting all my new students and working again with my returning students. Please check back often to view updated information and student project pictures. 


    Please remember to check the school supplies needed for class in the school supplies tab.  Also, remember to check the Genesis Portal often to monitor your student's progress in class.


    CLASSROOM: D-101

    EMAIL:  jlux@jacksonsd.org

    PHONE: (732)833-4700 X. 7294

    OFFICE HOURS: 12:40 PM - 1:40 PM Monday - Friday




    Construction & Wood Technology Class Period #1

    Adv. Construction & Wood Technology Class Period #2   

    Construction & Wood Technology Class Period #3     



    Students will need to check into Google Classroom daily.  Checking daily will be the foundation of their class participation grade.  All assignments will have a due date and failure to turn in assignments on time will affect a student's grade.  

    1  Day     Late          -20 points

    2  Day(s) Late          -30 points

    3  Day(s) Late          -50 points

    (More than (3) days late and the assignment will receive a zero for a final grade.)




    The 2021-2022 academic year is my 11th at JLHS and my 15th year teaching Technology Education.  I earned my Bachelor of Science degree from Trenton State College, (now The College of New Jersey) in Technology Education.  My NJ state certifications include Industrial Arts / Technology Education and Elementary Education.  I worked as a LAN administrator and Network Engineer for the first 16 years of my career.  I worked as a Technology Education teacher for the Hamilton Township School District for four years prior to coming to Jackson.  Previous classes taught include; Materials Processing I & II, Technology Center I & II, Electronics and Robotics I & II and Introduction to Graphic Arts.



    Homeroom                                                  7:15 - 7:22

    Con. & Wood Tech. - Period #1                7:22 - 8:38

    Con. & Wood Tech. - Period #2                8:44 - 10:00

    Common Period A                                      10:00 - 10:30

    Common Period B                                      10:30 - 11:00

    Adv. Con. & Wood Tech. - Period #3        11:00 - 12:16



    Homeroom                                                  7:15 - 7:20

    Con. & Wood Tech. - Period #1                7:20 - 8:40

    Adv. Con. & Wood Tech. - Period #2        8:46 - 10:06

    Con. & Wood Tech. - Period #3                10:12 - 11:42



    I am an active member of the following professional organizations:

     NJTSA - New Jersey Technology Student Association

     NJTEA - New Jersey Technology Education Association



     Genius is one percent inspiration and ninety-nine percent perspiration.

     There is no substitute for hard work.

    - Thomas Edison