• -Authentic Assessment Project

    These are the student guidelines:

    Jackson School District English Department

    Authentic Assessment Student Guidelines

    Anchor Video - Your teacher will select a video segment that will provide a thematic launch to the project.

    Thematic Reading - You will complete close reading activities for two teacher-selected thematic-based articles.

    Explore the Theme and Select a Topic - You will engage in multiple activities that will lead you to the selection of a specific theme-related topic for research.

    Journal - Throughout the project, you will be required to write responses to prompts that ask you to reflect on the stages of your experience. (Course Grade and 15% Exam Component)

    Research Process and MLA Format - You will need to gather credible sources that may be used to support your claim in an essay that incorporates accurate internal and external citations, a properly formatted works cited page and evidences your ability to utilize the MLA research format.

    Writing an Effective Thesis Statement - You will organize the ideas of research into a well organized thesis statement which makes a clear and direct argumentative claim.

    Writing Process - You will engage in activities for planning, drafting, revising, and editing the research based essay.

    Developing Multi-Media Presentation - You will incorporate twenty-first century tools into a formal presentation for a peer audience. (Course Grade and 25% Exam Component)

    Formal Essay - The final submission of the essay must be submitted to Turnitin.com by the assigned deadline. (Course Grade and 35% Exam Component)

    The Final Examination - In addition to the completed components (journal, presentation, and essay) you will complete a two-part final exam related to the authentic assessment project. This final component is worth 25% of the final exam.

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  • Make sure that you check Google classroom daily to see important homework dates

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  • Semester 1

    Period 1- English 3  B126

    Period 2- English 3  B126

    Period 3- PRIDE  C217

    Period 4- professional period


    Semester 2

    Period 1- Professional

    Period 2- English 4 B126

    Period 3- PRIDE C217

    Period 4- English 2  B126