• Buongiorno Studenti e Genitori, (Good morning Students and Parents)

    Please refer to this page for course expectations while our Synchronous Leaning is in place. This will begin on Monday, Dec. 7, 2020.

    I will be posting assignments daily on google classroom. Students are expected to complete that assignment by the end of class or by a specific deadline given. 

    Any exercises that are assigned on VHLcentral.com will be graded. I will add them to my gradebook upon completion. I know at times those particular assignments can be a challenge. Please feel free to work with a friend over the phone if you are working remotely.  I am of course available as well.

    For remote students: we can schedule a time to talk at the end of my work day if you're having any issues. Please email me and give me a phone number where you may be reached. I will call you at a specific time.

    I expect ALL students to check their school email accounts on a daily basis. I will send you messages if something is missing or needs corrections.  In addition to that you MUST check google classroom every day for notes and assignments. I will also be posting links for videos for reinforcement of any grammar concepts covered in your textbook. There will be listening comprehension exercises and songs as well. 

    Please note that it is pertinent that all students have a fully charged computer for class. If you forget your computer or it is not charged you will lose participation points for the day.

    Please note: I am available for extra help at 12:20. Please let me know when you need to schedule an appointment. 

    As we move forward, please know that I am here to assist you in any way possible. I want to see all of you do well and hope that this will come to an end in the near future. 

    Stay forti!! (strong) 


    Signora Saives

    Email address: jsaives@jacksonsd.org


    Period one: Italian level 3.

    Period two: Italian level 1.

    Period three: Italian level 1.