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    Hello All!


    My name is Mrs. Muniz-Fay and I'm your Family and Consumer Sciences teacher here at Christa McAuliffe Middle School. My classes Foods Fitness and Nutrition/Wellness classes are open to all 8th graders and Communications and Current Events are open to 7th graders.


    See your Google Classroom for our detailed class activities.


    Foods Fitness

    During your marking period in Foods Fitness, you will explore life in the kitchen! You will learn how to work safely and cleanly in the kitchen, how to measure, read a recipe, identify and use kitchen equipment, and we will begin to delve into nutrition throughout the marking period.


    Nutrition and Wellness

    During this semester-long course, our class will explore the foundations of nutrition, self-care, and how movement benefits the body and mind. We will also delve into food preparation, food and kitchen safety, measuring skills, culinary math, abbreviations, reading a recipe, and making appropriate food choices. Students will learn the importance of cooperation, flexibility, and teamwork. 



    During this semester-long course, our class will explore inter and intra personal communication skills through projects, independent research, improv, games, communication exercises, and films.



    Mini Bio

    I've wanted to teach FCS since I was a 7th grader. The day I started 7th grade, I came home from school having decided that I really wanted to teach Family and Consumer Sciences when I grew up. It was a field that I knew all of my students would use on a daily basis for the rest of their lives. I was on a mission to change people's lives for the better. I went to Indiana University of Pennsylvania, near Pittsburgh, graduated with high honors, and started my teaching career in North Jersey. I have since moved to Jackson and I am so happy to be here at McAuliffe, changing and inspiring lives everyday. I hope you'll find my classes as valuable as I think you will.

    I'm very excited to spend this school year with all of you!
    ~ Mrs. Muniz-Fay