• Hello!

    My name is Zachary Sylvester and I have the pleasure of teaching biology here at Jackson Liberty High School.

    I graduated with a Bachelor's degree in Biology and a Master's degree in Science Education from Rutgers University. My formal education has given me the foundation to teach the fundamentals of biology in a way that is accessible and engaging for all students. However, my passion for teaching is derived from my desire to cultivate a generation of students who possess the critical thinking skills and scientific literacy that will enable them to navigate an ever-changing world.

    As an educator, I specialize in facilitating model-based inquiry lessons that prioritize student engagement and collaboration. My goal is to create a classroom environment where students feel confident and motivated to learn. The best way for students to learn science is to actively engage in scientific practices and foster a community of learners that embodies the norms of an authentic science community.

    I truly believe that regardless of a student’s prior knowledge or experience with science, ALL STUDENTS have the ability to gain an appreciation of science once they tap into their childlike wonder and curiosity.

    If you need to contact me about anything, please do not hesitate to reach out. I am committed to supporting my students in any way that I can.

    My office hours are Monday, Wednesday & Thursday during common lunch

    Email: zsylvester@jacksonsd.org

    Room: B220

    Fagen, Alyssa / Biology