As you all are aware, we have been asked to continue with our online learning curriculum.  From this page, you can access the lesson plans as well as get access to the Google classroom pages of your student's period (Period 1, 3 or 4).  If you have any questions, please feel free to email me at pgeorge@jacksonsd.org


    Period 1- US History 1 Pd. 1

    Period 3- US History 1 Pd. 3

    Period 4- US History 1 Pd. 4




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    Welcome to Mr. George's US 1 History class page (Room 216).  The room is located upstairs on the Memorial side of JHMS.  This is my third year (8 years total teaching) in the district and I look forward to working with students and parents to ensure the best academic experience possible.  I graduated from Rutgers in 2011 with a bachelors degree in history and TCNJ in 2012 with a masters degree in secondary education with social studies concentration.  I've been teaching in New Jersey since 2012 and I look forward to growing and progressing in my subject area to provide the best educational experience for students.


  • Class Schedule for Semester 1 (Monday-Friday):

    Period 1: US 1 with Mr. Freeth Rm 216 7:20-8:40

    Period 2: US 1 with Mr. Freeth Rm 216 8:46-10:06

    Period 3: Prep Period

    Period 4: US 1 Rm 216 12:18-1:38


    Class Schedule for Semester 2 (Monday-Friday):

    Period 1: US 1 Rm 216 7:20-8:40

    Period 2: Prep Period

    Period 3: US 1 with Mr. Freeth Rm 216 10:12-12:12 (B Lunch: 10:40-11:10)

    Period 4: US 1 with Mr. Freeth Rm 216 12:18-1:38