• US History I
    Course Requirements/Rules/Procedures

    Mr. George, Room 216 (Periods 2, 3 and 4- Semester 1)


    No profanity!!


    1. Be on Time: Lateness will not be tolerated. If you are late to class without a valid pass you will receive a warning for the first offense with subsequent lates addressed as per the student handbook. Upon entering the class take your seat, take out your homework from the night before, put your phone away, and begin the “Do Now” activity and be ready to work when the bell rings.


    1. Cell Phone/Electronic Device use is not permitted in the classroom without permission. PLEASE TURN THEM OFF AND PUT THEM IN THE DESIGNATED AREA OR THEY WILL BE TAKEN.


    1. Be Prepared: You must be prepared for class every day. Please be sure to have the following materials: at least a 1” 3-ring binder w/ paper, your homework, and a blue/black pen or pencil. Your class participation grade is partially based on bringing your materials to class everyday. A three-ring binder is required. The binder will be checked periodically for an assessment.


    1. No Food or Drink: in the Classroom. Except for a Water Bottle.  If you do have anything with you, finish it before class starts, or leave in your purse/book-bag, etc.


    1. Seats, Textbooks + Chromebooks: will be assigned on an individual basis. You are responsible to keep track and care of them. If any issues arise, you and 3 people you share the materials with may be subject to discipline.


    1. Classwork + Homework Assignments: will be posted in the room twice and on Schoolwires. It will be checked regularly. All assignments are due at the beginning of class. You have until that time for full credit on the assignment.  After that, it’s considered late. Late or incomplete assignments will receive partial credit (√--25%,√-50%,√75%,√+100). If you miss (3) assignments in a row or week, a teacher detention will be assessed.


    1. Quizzes will be given during chapter. Tests or Projects: will be given at the end of every chapter.


    1. Protect your work: No cheating will be tolerated!

    2. If You are Absent: check for any missing assignments in the crate in our room.  This is your responsibility! Absent work will not be done in class and will result in loss of credit.


    1. Extra Help: is available to any student in class, however, please see me at the end of class to set up a day or days to come for after-school help (faculty/department meetings during the month and I coach the JMHS baseball team in the spring).


    1. Portal: will be updated in a timely manner. Please check your grades regularly and report any problems or discrepancies as soon as possible.


    1. Marking Period Grades will be determined as follows:
    • 50% Tests/Quizzes/Projects
    • 20% Participation/Preparedness/Classwork
    • 30% Homework


    1. JSD Google Account: you will be required to join our google classroom and use your JSD google account daily. Make sure your are aware of your log-in information.


    1. Remind.com: is an app we use to “remind” students via text of upcoming deadlines. Do not reply to remind messages as we can not respond.


    1. If you CHOOSE to Break a Rule: - First Time: Warning; -Second Time: Teacher Detention after school; -Third Time: Teacher Detention/Phone call to Parent; -Fourth Time: Discipline Referral/Parent conference; -Severe Infractions will result in an immediate Discipline Referral.


    1. Respect: yourself, others and the school at all times and we will have a great year. Please do not talk while we are instructing or while your classmates are speaking. Disruptions will not be tolerated.


    1. These Requirements, Rules, and Procedures must be adhered to at all times.


    1. If there are ever any issues: you should contact via email pgeorge@jacksonsd.org