• Physical Education Class is very different from Middle school.  If you do not dress for class you will not be able to participate and therefore you will not earn any credit.  You will earn a zero.   

    Dressing for Physical Education class is like bringing a notebook and pen to English class, it only prepares you to be able to learn/participate.   You still have to do the work to earn a grade.  Remember that Physical Education class is a requirement to graduate High School.  You must pass all 4 years.

    Please note that throughout this semester you will have two marking periods of Physical Education, one marking period of Health and a Final Exam.  

    ALL VISIBLE JEWELRY MUST BE REMOVED in order to participate in Physical Education class.  NO exceptions.
    NO PHONES are to be brought into the gym during Physical Education class. 

    On a positive note.... Physical Education class can be lots of fun... yes it will be a lot of work too... but anything that is worth something requires effort/work.  Keep an open mind and be ready to step out of "your box" (do things a little differently).  I look forward to working with each one of you for a successful freshman experience