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    Dear Parents, Guardians, and Community Members: 

    On behalf of the Lucy N. Holman Elementary School and the Jackson School District, I am happy to provide you with this copy of the New Jersey Report Card. It provides a method for tracking our school's progress relative to the state's academic standards. 

    In Jackson, high academic, social, and character education standards serve as the framework for board, district, and building objectives. Overall achievement test scores and report card grades reflect a high level of academic excellence and success. In addition to the important "basics," we place an emphasis on developing written expression, higher-order thinking skills, and offering our students learning opportunities tailored to their individual needs. 

    We continue to improve student achievement levels and to close achievement gaps at all grade levels. We continually review our special education programs to ensure that every child's needs are met in accordance with their Individual Educational Program (IEP). The New Jersey Student Learning Standards are actively addressed throughout the school during grade-level meetings and through professional development. High district standards are continually reinforced through a wide variety of instructional strategies and materials. Our school district provides our staff exceptional instructional and curricular resources.

    In concurrence with the New Jersey Student Learning Standards, Holman's educational curriculum engages learners in challenging and meaningful ways. Holman's highly qualified teachers design learning experiences to ensure the acquisition of academic skills in preparation for our global, changing society. Students learn to communicate skillfully and achieve higher level thinking skills while developing a love of learning. Meeting the needs of all learners by differentiation of instruction is a central theme that is supported by on-going staff development. Implementing instructional models that enable educators to reach all learners continues to be a targeted goal. Utilizing assessment data to drive instruction is an integral component of our teaching and learning and serves to address the needs of diverse learners.

    The Jackson School District uses a standards based report card at the elementary level. Standards based grading identifies a New Jersey Student Learning standard and indicates whether or not a student is meeting the standard at a given point in the year.  Subjects are divided into a list of skills and knowledge that students are responsible for mastering by year-end at a specific grade level.   Reporting is based upon the progress toward mastery of these learning targets or standards.  Instead of a traditional letter grade for a subject area students will be receiving a number from 1-4 on each standard being assessed during that grading period. 

    In math, hands-on lessons that include the use of manipulatives and the continued focus on process activities assist learners as they increase their application of skills and strategies for high order cognitive analysis and evaluation. The enVision 2.0 Math Curriculum provides students with online materials, dynamic tutorials, and easy-to-use assessments to drive instruction. 

    In literacy, we build on the framework of the integral components of reading, writing, speaking and listening. Holman teachers employ a balanced literacy approach to the teaching of reading and writing in an attempt to enhance and deepen students' learning experiences. This model has shifted the focus away from the teacher as the provider of knowledge toward increased student ownership in the educational experience. By differentiating instruction in this manner, our program incorporates best practices and current research about curriculum, cross-curricular instruction, technology, and assessment. This enables us to support all of our students at their various points on the educational spectrum. It also reinforces the connection of literacy concepts and high order thinking skills to technology, study skills, art, music and math and to highlight the natural integration across and between other core content areas.

    Utilizing technology such as iPads and Chromebooks assists teachers in the implementation of technology in the classroom and engages students in their daily lessons. The implementation of Promethean Smart-board technology and correlating applications in the classroom also continues to bolster our district's technology initiatives. These 21st century tools provide teachers with very effective ways to reach students.

    The Holman School involves the community as an integral part of its educational program. An active Parent Teacher organization (HOPE - the Holman Organization of Parents and Educators), coupled with strong community involvement, is a key to our success. Activities during the year include cultural assemblies, class trips, book fairs, community information programs, Senior Readers, Special Person Day, Talent Night, and more. 

    Furthermore, Holman School remains committed to giving back to our community. Charitable activities such as Breast Cancer Awareness, collection and donation to the American Cancer Society, Healthy Heart donation and awareness night supporting the American Heart Association, Holman's Annual Thanksgiving and Giving Holiday Tree programs, the Soup-er Bowl food drive, the food drive for the Veterans Coalition of NJ, and many other activities, are evidence of this commitment. We continue to engage the community as an integral part of Holman's programs through events like our annual Science/Art Fair, family social programs, police and fire department safety programs, Ocean County Library assemblies, Making Better Choices/Anti-Bullying assemblies and active participation from both the Boy Scouts and Girl Scouts. 

    The hallmark of the Lucy N. Holman School is the unique variety of learning experiences provided to all of our students. We take great pride in the positive and productive learning environment that characterizes our school. To achieve success in our elementary education program, a collaborative effort is essential. Conscientious students, dedicated staff members, motivated educational leaders, and supportive parents, guardians, and community members provide the foundation for our success. The administration and staff of the Lucy N. Holman School are committed to the continued growth and development of our students. We invite you to peruse our website at https://www.jacksonsd.org/Domain/10 and learn more about the Lucy N. Holman School. 

    Mr. Richard Karas 
    Principal, Lucy N. Holman Elementary School