• Welcome to Mr. McEwan's 2019 - 2020 4th grade class.



    I have had many questions about what supplies we could use for the class this year so here are the big 4 items we need; Post-It notes (many), marble notebooks, pencils, TISSUES.  Thank you in advance.


    Here is a how-to video on making Paper Cranes

    How to fold a Paper Crane 


    Summit Bar Island, ME



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    Reading Log/Dual Entry Journal

    Monday - Thursday all students are required to keep a reading log and make a dual entry journal to go along with this.  Click on the link below to see what the students are required to do each night.



    Mr. McEwan

    To contact Mr. McEwan, please email him at:  jmmcewan@jacksonsd.org


  • Monday:  Art 9:42 -10:22

    Tuesday:  Tech 9:42 -10:22 

    Wednesday: World Language 11:20 - 12:00

    Thursday:  Music 9:42 -10:22

    Friday:  Physical Education  9:42 -10:22  WEAR SNEAKERS!!!!!!!