Please be sure to use the correct support contact for the type of issue you are experiencing. We kindly ask for your patience as we handle each request. We are moving as quickly as we can and we are eager to make sure every student can access the technology they need.

    Parent Portal:

    If you have an issue with your portal login, please email portalsupport@jacksonsd.org

    Chromebooks, Student Google Login ID and Passwords:

    If you have an issue with your child’s Chromebook or with his or her Google login credentials, please fill out a Parent/Student Technology Assistance Request Form


    Welcome to Mr. McEwan's

    Hello Ladies and Gentlemen,

    IMPORTANT!!!:  Please bring in your fully charged Chromebook or laptop from home.  We will be going over how to access many of the programs that we will be utilizing this year.

    Please check out our Google Classroom:  McEwan 2020-2021 

    • If either your parents or you are still confused about how to use Google Classroom, the following slide show may help.  How to use Google Classroom
    • If you need to get in contact with me, the best way is via email:  jmmcewan@jacksonsd.org
    • Here is the invite to our Google Classroom:  McEwan 2020-2021
    • If you or your guardians are looking for any help with our most commonly used programs, they can find it at this link:  Parent/Student Cheat Sheet


    Remember Families,

    We know that this is a hectic time right now for all of us, but I just wanted to make you aware that when students are not physically in school, they are required to meet with me at 2:10 for a Google Meet.  These are posted in our Google classroom with a link for the students to follow for the meeting.  Attendance at these meetings is how we take attendance each day when the students are not physically at school.  Like I said this is a hectic time, but I want you to know what the requirements are to be counted present for the day's classes.  We also need the students to attend their specials on the days they are not physically in class.  Our special schedule along with the Google Meet links for these classes can be found on our Google Classroom linked above.

    September Schedule


    Below you will find the Special Schedule:  Please check the teachers' pages for their Group 1 & 2 Classroom Links

    Teacher Class Pages


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    Reading Log/Dual Entry Journal

    Monday - Thursday all students are required to keep a reading log and make a dual entry journal to go along with this.  Click on the link below to see what the students are required to do each night.



    Mr. McEwan

    To contact Mr. McEwan, please email him at:  jmmcewan@jacksonsd.org