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    Plant Sale May 5-10   Our class will go on Monday


    NJSLA Testing for Lang Arts - Wed/Thurs ( 8-9)

    NJSLA Testing for Math - Tues/ Wed /Thurs (14-16)

    Holman Anniversary Talent Show - Wed May 7th at Jackson Liberty HS









    Welcome to Our Classroom !!!


    The following items are classroom supplies we will be using.  Students may choose to purchase any of the following items but additional items will also be provided by the teacher for everyone's use


    School Supplies

    We will Use 6 Composition Notebooks (NOT spiral)

    *students may buy their own colored/decorated ones OR I will also provide if needed

    1 Pocket Folder (Will be Used for World Language)

    THIN Expo Markers- Dark Colors write best!


    Pencil Sharpener - one that collects the shavings

    Twisty Colored Pencils and/or Crayons

    Glue Sticks

    Post-it Notes


    Zipper Pencil pouch to Hold supplies (hard plastic boxes will not fit in desk with other books/items)

    Ear Buds - students may bring/keep a pair in school for use with technology ( in place of headphones)


    PLEASE DO NOT Purchase a 3-Ring Binder - Desk space is limited and it is NOT needed

    (*Advanced Math Students WILL use a binder with Ms. Mayer)

     Go  Bobcats !!!pawprint


    80 Students will be allowed a brief "snack" break before Literacy class each day (approx 10:25am)

     Healthy items only :  fruit, veggies, crackers, granola bar are good examples. (we are a NUT FREE classroom) 




     Additional Supplies the Whole Class will be in need of All Year -- Any donations are Greatly Appreciated !

    Hand Sanitizer
    Cleaning Wipes
    150 A Clean Classroom is a Happy & Healthy Classroom !!!




     I use this fantastic APP to keep parents informed of daily reminders pertaining to class and school events

      Please Join my Class Group

       download the (free) APP

         Text:  @83aae7    To the Number:  81010

    OR   text  @83aae7 to the phone number (848) 200-1438 


    To Join by email:  send an email to:  83aae7@mail.remind.com




    Please note that our classroom is a nut-free room.  Please do not send in any tree nut or peanut containing products to our classroom for celebrations or in class snack time.  Thank you for your cooperation.






    Access Your Google Account:
    Log onto your g-mail like you do in school     lunch#@jacksonsd.org

    the password is lunch#@

    150      GRADING

    Classwork, testing  assessments,short written response prompts,  Reader's and Writer's Notebook entries, and completion of  any homework tasks/ assignments,  are all examples of work that will be used to indicate student personal progress and growth on their Report Cards.


                               HOMEWORK   150

      Assignments will vary and are  based on specific skills or related content covered in school lessons .
      Students will be instructed to write down the assignment requirements at the end of a class  period when necessary, and place all necessary papers into their "Take Home" folders.

    Additionally, as part of our emphasis of Reader's Workshop -- at least 30 minutes , or more,  each night should be set aside for student "Independent Reading".  This is an essential component of our Reader's Workshop curriculum.   

      Parental/Guardian signature of the Homework Planner  each night allows you to see daily assignments, any notes from a teacher,  or other important reminders about school/classroom.   This helps to establish an important school-to-home connection! 


    Specials 2018-19    120

    Monday - World Language
    Tuesday - Art
    Wednesday - Music
    Thursday - Technology
    Friday - Gym








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