• Welcome to Adventure Bound!

     This class has been set up specifically for 12th Grade Students only. Being that this course is an elective PE course, you will find students who are excited to join you in experiencing new activates here. Within this class, you will participate in the following activities: Team Building/ Class Objectives, Climbing (Rockwall, High Ropes, Belaying), Low Ropes Course, Bike Riding, Brain Teasers, Wood Carving, Outdoor Education, Hiking, Interpersonal Skills, Out of school Trips, and much more! I am looking forward to this school year and cant wait to meet you all.

    All students please direct yourself to your school email address to find an invitation to our Google Classroom. All important information and classwork can be found there. 


    If you did not receive an invitation or have any questions, please email: adzienkiewicz@jacksonsd.org