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    Packets can be turned in to the athletic office or school nurse at your home school.

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  • Pre-Participation Physical Packet

    Any Jackson Township student wishing to participate in interscholastic athletics must be given a pre-participation physical examination pursuant to N.J.A.C. 6A:16.

    Physical exams are good for one calendar year but must be updated every 90 days (please see the medical history update form).

    Only the health history form, the physical exam form and the signature forms are to be turned in.The rest of the packet is yours to keep. It is important to fill out all paperwork completely and legibly so that it can be processed in an organized fashion. All incomplete forms will not be accepted and may result in your child being ineligible.

    Please keep in mind that state law requires all physical exams be reviewed and approved by the school district physician. The approval process can, at times, be lengthy and can take as long as seven working days. Please review all paperwork for omissions. Common omissions are: blood pressure, vision, height and weight, physicians signature and/or stamp, parent/guardians signature, students signature, students demographic information and accurate contact information. Failure to recognize these omissions will only delay the eligibility process. Once completed, please submit all forms to your schools health office.

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  • Athletic Participation Consent Forms - Updated for 2019-2020

    These forms will be available for parents to fill out on the Portal, but are here in hard copy for your use and information as well.

    This includes information on sudden cardiac death, opioid use, concussion screening and safety, eye injury, and ImPact testing.

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  • Medical History Update Form (Interim Form)

    Medical History Update forms are to be completely ONLY if the student has a current pre-participation physical exam on file with the school nurse.  An update form is required once a student's physical is 90 days old and students must submit a new form every 90 days thereafter until his/her physical expires (physicals expire 365 days after the exam date).  If you have any questions regarding this process, please contact your school's health office.

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