• Grading Policy:
    50% Assessments:  This includes all tests, quizzes and projects.
    30% Participation: This grade is not limited to hand raising and answering questions. All students must complete the daily Fate Adesso, or Do Now. Classroom behavior is taken into account for a portion of this grade as well. Students are required to have a charged computer daily. The first time a student forgets a comuter or it isn't charged, it will be ignored. After the first offense participation grade for the day will be lowered.
    20% Homework: Homework will be assigned Monday through Thursday. It may be occasionally assigned over the weekend but I try to limit it to week days. No homework will be accepted late unless a student is absent. All assignments will be posted daily on google classroom. Homework is an integral part of learning another language and must be taken seriously.
    In bocca al lupo!
    I am looking forward to a great semester with you!
    Signora Saives
    Let me know if you have any questions