My name is Ms. Kauchak

    a little about me.....

    My undergrad degree is in Pre-Med and I have 2 Master's degrees- Organic Chemistry and the other as an Exercise Physiologist

    This is my 2nd career as a teacher. I started my career as a Chemist for Exxon and decided I had enough of their corporate world. I also had a private business as an Exercise Physiologist where I was fortunate enough to teach all around the country. I enjoyed teaching so much. That's when I decided to pursue my career as a teacher.

    I am also an official for HS and College Soccer as well as Girls Lacrosse.

    Since Chemistry is around us all the time, I think it's important to understand why things occur the way they do. I'm hoping that we can also have some fun as we are learning.




    Donna Kauchak

    Chemistry I


    Rm B121