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Wilson Fundations Trick Words

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High Frequency Sight Words, or Trick Words, are those words that do not follow the conventional rules and patterns of spelling. However, your child will frequently encounter these words in his/her own reading and writing. We ask that your child not try to sound out these words, since they cannot be sounded out. Instead, your child needs to learn these by memorizing them.

Here are some suggestions:

• Have your child write each word on an index card and put them on a metal ring. Keep a set of cards in the car, and at home. When there is a spare moment, have your child practice reading and spelling the words. Your child may also want to try to put the word(s) into a sentence.

• Use magnetic letters on the refrigerator and every night practice spelling two or three different words. For fun, try using Cheerios, or have your child cut out the letters from a magazine and make a collage in a “Word Scrapbook”

• Try “Sky Write” the words with your child. Hold your arm stiff like a board out in front of you and print the letters that make up the word. Say the letters as you print them and then say the word.

• Create two sets of index cards and play Concentration or Go Fish. Once you, or your child, have a pair of words, stop for a minute to spell the word. Then read the word together. This will help your child to make the visual and auditory connection with the word.