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Halloween Costume Policy Reminders!

In keeping with the spirit of fun, children may dress in costumes on Friday, October 29th, if they wish.  Children who choose to participate should come to school dressed in their costumes and be prepared to remain in their costumes all day.   Please keep in mind that costumes should be comfortable and allow for children to move freely and should not depict any sort of violence.  Remember that your child, while in his/her costume, will need to be able to sit, write, walk, and eat lunch and/or snack as well as do other school-related activities.  If your child chooses to wear a costume, it should lend itself to these activities. 

Of course, safety is the utmost concern.    In order to provide for a safe and fun experience for all, please be sure to adhere to the following precautions:

  • Facial Masks (for COVID prevention) must continue to be worn all day.
  • COSTUME MASKS may NOT be worn at any time.
  • Please plan to apply make-up at home.
  • Costumes must be school dress code appropriate.
  • Fake weapon accessories are prohibited. (All costume peripherals should stay at home, please.)
  • There will be no classroom celebrations involving outside relatives or visitors.  Due to COVID protocols in place, parents/guardians/guests will not be permitted in the building this year.