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Wear your Halloween costume on Wednesday, Oct. 31

In keeping with the spirit of fun, we would like to allow the children to dress in costume for the day on Wednesday, October 31, 2018, if they wish.  Please keep in mind that costumes should be comfortable and allow for children to move freely and should not depict any sort of violence.  Remember that your child will need to sit, write, walk, and eat lunch and/or snack as well as do other school-related activities.  If your child chooses to wear a costume, it should lend itself to these activities. 

Of course, safety is the utmost concern.    In order to provide for a safe, fun experience for all, please be sure to adhere to the following precautions:

  • NO MASKS may be worn at any time. 
  • Fake weapon accessories are prohibited. (Costume peripherals should stay at home, please.)
  • Classroom parties will be planned throughout the day.
  • Your child’s teacher will be providing information about the celebrations.
  • Healthy treats are preferred in lieu of sugary snacks. Many students have food allergies. Please consider all the students’ safety if you choose to send in a snack.  Take ALL food allergies into consideration.
  • Please be mindful that a teacher may plan a party with the children only, with selected parent volunteers or with all parents invited. That is a class-by-class decision.
  • The receptionist desk will have sign in sheet for parents who are planning to attend.  ALL Visitors must sign in and present proper ID.  Visitors to class parties will be receiving special festive Visitor Stickers which must be worn at all times while in the building.
  • If you are taking your child home after the festivities, you will sign your child out in the classroom.  All parties will conclude at 2:15 p.m. to allow for classes to be ready for dismissal.