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Snap Word Practice

Snap Word Practice

Children in grades K-2 learn many new words called SNAP words (you may also hear them called sight words). These are words that students will see most often in their reading and need to know in a “snap”! They are usually words that can not be sounded out or words that don’t follow the typical rules for spelling.   Knowing these words directly affects student’s fluency and comprehension skills.

Click on your child’s grade level for the  list of SNAP words.    Suggestions for practicing them are listed below.


Suggestions for Practicing SNAP Words

  • Create a SNAP Word Ring with your child. Write words on an index card, punch a hole in the corner and place words on a metal ring. Do not put all of the words on the ring at once. There should only be one or two new words at a time along with lots of known words.  Add new words (one or two at a time) as your child becomes comfortable with the words already on the ring.
  • Take words off the ring and see if your child can create sentences with the words.
  • Practice writing words in different things (sand, shaving cream, paint, chalk,etc…) As they write the words have them say the letters and then underline it as they say the completed word. For example t-h-e the (underline the word as you say it)
  • Have them write it different ways. For example: in giant letters, tiny letters, spooky letters, bubble letters, rainbow letters. Again, have them say each letter of the word and then say the completed word and underline it.
  • Make words with magnetic letters on the side of the refrigerator or on cookie trays
  • Visit these websites for more fun ideas: