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January Principal's Message 2022

January 2022


Dear Holman Families:


Happy New Year and welcome back!  I hope that everyone was able to enjoy the long winter break with friends and family.  


Holman Elementary School announces their 2021-2022 Governor’s Educators of the Year, Mrs. Joanne Lykes and Mrs. Dana Dworzanski who have been recognized for their dedication and commitment to our Holman students.  Congratulations to Mrs. Lykes and Mrs. Dworzanski!


HOPE meeting

The next meeting will be on January 12th, 2022 at 7:00pm in the Holman IMC.  All are welcome to attend.  HOPE will be discussing upcoming events for the remainder of the year.  We need your help to run these wonderful events. If you can, please volunteer your time to assist….it is greatly appreciated!  A link to the virtual meeting will be forthcoming in the January HOPE Highlights.


Illness *Please also refer to COVID related protocols.

A student who becomes ill at school is sent to the health office.  If it becomes necessary to send your child home because of illness, you will be notified and requested to provide transportation. Please keep your emergency numbers current.   Photo ID is required to enter the building and sign out a student.

Observe your child for symptoms of illness before sending them to school.  If your child says they do not feel well, please consider keeping them home to feel better.  Also, if you do send them into school and they still do not feel well, please anticipate a call from the school nurse and plan to pick up your child at school.

Keep children at home who do not appear to be well, especially those with sore throat, cough, and runny nose. The presence of any rash excludes a child from school until a physician diagnosis is obtained.

A fever is defined by an oral temperature that is 100.4 F or higher.  Any student with fever is excluded from school until 24 hours after a normal oral temperature of 98.6 is reached.  In the case of a student absence, send a note explaining the absence to school.  An absence of 5 days requires a physician note upon return to school. We encourage parents to provide their child with tissues, should they be recuperating from a cold.

Lice or Pediculosis is a common pediatric problem. Should you see any signs of this problem, keep your child at home and notify the school nurse immediately.  Please discourage children from sharing articles of clothing, especially hats, brushes and headbands.


Birthday Party Policy         

Birthdays may be celebrated at lunchtime in the cafeteria. To be sensitive to allergy concerns, non-edible items (e.g. toys, stickers, pencils) are strongly encouraged for these celebrations so that all children can participate in the celebration. 

Outside treats for a class MAY NOT be delivered to the school, regardless of the reason; however, a child may bring in pre-packaged, individually wrapped items to distribute at lunch for his/her special day. Visitors are not permitted in the cafeteria.  Birthday and/or Party invitations are not handed out in school, under any circumstances.   However, parents are invited to have their contact information listed on the “class party list” which will be distributed to parents that join the list.  Please contact your child’s teacher directly for this information.


Winter is here…..

With the weather getting colder, please visit the district website for all information involving school closings and delays.  You may find this information by starting on the district’s main site (, highlighting the “Calendars and Hours” tab and clicking on “School Hours”.  

Please review and update your emergency information contacts in the event that we need to use this information should we have an emergency early closing due to inclement weather.  You may do this in Parent Portal.


In the event of a delayed opening, please remember that:

  • School will start TWO hours later than the scheduled start time. 
  • MORNING CHILDCARE is CANCELLED when there is a delayed opening
  • Continue to check the district and school web page, as well as the Holman Student Handbook, for more information.  You can always call the school directly if you have any questions.

Remember, before sending your child out to the bus stop or dropping them off at school, please take a few moments to make sure that they are dressed appropriately for the weather.  Students should come to Holman School wearing clothing that keeps them warm during the school day.  Dressing your child in multiple light layers is recommended so that they can remove the top layer if they get too warm while indoors.  As the temperatures get colder, please make sure that your child is also wearing the appropriate outerwear, such as a jacket, gloves, hat, etc.


A.M. Carline Procedures:

During these colder mornings, I have noticed that more parents/guardians have been utilizing the carline to bring their children to school.  The line for the AM carline has been much longer than normal. Please be mindful of the AM Carline Procedures below:

  • Student drop off is between 8:35 A.M. and 8:45 A.M. at the SOUTH entrance (the entrance on the right hand side of the building by the loading dock)
  • Students must exit the car/vehicle from the PASSENGER/CURBSIDE ONLY in the designated area with teacher supervision – Please wait your turn….thanks!
  • Students are not permitted to walk across the parking lot unattended.
  • Please follow the “traffic flow” as designated by the cones
  • Be aware of traffic pattern; please do not move ahead or cut across the line

South entrance doors (the doors by the loading dock) close and are locked promptly at 8:45 A.M.; therefore, there is no access into the building from here after 8:45 A.M.   If you arrive late to the carline (after 8:45am), please park in the south parking lot (the lot on the right hand side of the building by the fields.) Late students must be escorted by an adult and signed in via the front entrance.  Thank you for your continued cooperation. 


Looking and Planning Ahead:

Please note that our Accelerated Learning for Success Program will begin on January 24th at 7:35am.  This morning program will provide invited students with interventions in literacy and mathematics in grades 1-5.  Bussing will NOT be provided.


On Wednesday, January 19th, the Board of Education Meeting will be held at 6:30 pm in the Administrative Building.  During this meeting, we will be honoring the teachers and educational service professionals of the year from all of the schools in the Jackson Township School District.


Please note....Schools will be closed on Monday, January 17th in observance of Martin Luther King, Jr. Day.  Schools will reopen on Tuesday, January 18th.


Once again, Happy New Year and best wishes for a successful and healthy year ahead.




Rich Karas

Principal, Holman Elementary