Welcome to Advanced Math 2021-2022

    ORGANIZATION is the key to Success !


     I have made a binder for each of you.

    It will include some pocket dividers for keeping track of notes, learning charts, any written work etc....



    PLEASE bring this binder back & forth to school along with the Math Workbook (and calculator that I will give you)



    Grade 5 Advanced Math Class has it's own Google Class Page ! 

    (this will be separate from your homeroom teacher's Google Classroom Page)

    I use our Class page to post videos, learning reasources and other related materials that support our math lessons.


    The Google Classroom is also synched with our Online Math Textbooks (both 5th & 6th)

    All assignments & assessments from them will automatically post on the Google Classroom too.  You may access anywork by logging onto our page instead of the Math Website. 


    Log onto your Google Account & Join today!


    Check Your School Email for an Invite to the Page



    We will also be using lessons/ videos from Khan Academy

    I sent you a link in your email to "join" my classroom on their too!



    These are the 2 Books that we will be

    working though this year 

    5th Grade Text           6th Grade Text

    150                         150



    5th Grade Advanced Math will be utilizing the Workbooks from both Envision 2.0 Grade 5 & 6.   We will mostly use the workbooks in class and the homework, quizzes & assessments will  all be ONLINE


     ALL online work MUST have the written work (when applicable) that correlates to the assignment.  This is how the spiral notebooks will be used.  The rountine and expectations will be addressed in class.




    HOMEWORK will be assigned on most school nights (except Fridays & Holidays unless necessary due to student absences or other unforseen/ unplanned situations).  

    Students will bring their classroom "Planners" with them each day and will write their homework down and any other necessary information pertaining to our class. (tests/projects/online work/ Khan Academy assignments)

    Math homework DOES NOT have to be extensive to be meaningful and useful.  My assignments will reflect practicing similar types of problems & skills from that day's class.  I mostly use the Practice Buddy online assignments as they provide examples & help and immediate feedback for accuracy of answers.


    Each student will also have a Khan Academy account for additional skills practice that will support both the 5th & 6th grade curriculum we will be working on this  school year.




     We have a great deal to cover during this school year and working at an advanced pace is expected.


    I Don't Get It  ! ? ! ? !

     It's okay!!!!!   There may be times that problems are troublesome!   Don't give up!   

    • Look at the text online and review the pages from that day 
    • Google/ Search  the name of the specific skill online (there may be additional teaching videos that can help -- I do it myself all the time!!!)
    • Phone/ Text a friend from class --- It's NOT Cheating - we're all about helping one another to be successful
    • email me ( klynch@jacksonsd.org) maybe I can share a link to something that might help or at least put your mind at ease

    "It's Not Life or Death.......it's Math."  --   Mrs. Lynch


    Math  Assessments


    Quick Check Quizzes and Topic Assessments will be administered using the Pearson Online test assessment format

    Student Calculation/ work papers are an essential part of these assessments and are required to be turned in/ or photo pic submitted to accompany any online quiz or test.    It helps me see specifically what errors you made and plan for how to help you.


    The % Score online is NOT your final grade.  I record #correct/ # possible and many of the online questions have multiple parts.




     Parents & Guardians are  able to access the online homework scores & assessements  on your child's math account on Pearson at any time.