• Driver’s Education Rules and Regulations were given out to students the first day they entered our classroom. Please be sure these rules go home to be read over and signed in order for your son/daughter to have received their first grade for Driver’s Education.   If there are any questions regarding these rules and regulations, feel free to send your son/daughter in with them or email me at your earliest convenience.

    Students will be given ONE State driving manual on the first day of class.  This needs to be brought to class every single day.  If a student loses this manual, it will be their responsibility to obtain a new one at the DMV.  Again, they will only be given ONE manual.

    English Online Manual

    Spanish Online Manual

    Students will also need to be in class at least 30 hours during the course of the class and earn the grade of a “C” or better to have an opportunity to obtain a certificate and possible discount on car insurance. 

    The State Exam will be taken at the end of the marking period.   Students who do not pass the State Exam will not have that opportunity to take the exam again at Jackson Liberty.  Students will need to go to the DMV with a professional driving instructor to take the exam.