• Physical Education Rules and Regulations have been given out to students the first day they entered the gymnasium.  Please be sure these rules got home to be read over again. If there are any questions regarding these rules and regulations, feel free to send your son/daughter in with them or email me at your earliest convenience.

    For Physical Education in the portal, the students will be graded by week for both Participation (60%) and Preparation(30%). It will have the date in the beginning of the week and each day is worth a total of 10 points.  3 will be for Preparation and 7 for Participation.
    If a student is absent or unprepared, the student will lose points in each of those categories until the day is made up. (There is a PE make up schedule posted in both the male and female locker rooms for your child's convenience.) Students may NOT make up more than 1 unprepared a marking period.

    If the student is unprepared more than one time in the marking period, their points are not only lost the second time but become taken off twice. This will hope to defer the student from being unprepared for class.

    Just a reminder, at absolutely no time, are students to be wearing jewelry, chewing gum or to have their cell phones. Each student should have a PE locker where these items should remain. This is for the safety of your child and the safety of the other students in class.

    Again, any questions, please contact me.


    PE Rules and Regulations